Berrybenka achieves 14X increase in engagement
& boosts conversions using machine-learning,
segmentation and personalisation

About Berrybenka

Berrybenka Indonesia is a leading online fashion and beauty store.
Berrybenka sells more than 1000 local and international brands,
including own-label products.

The Problem

  • Identify opportunities and create a unified customer experience across channels
  • Provide a personalized and targeted engagement experience to users to maximise conversions

The Solution

Berrybenka leveraged, MoEngage’s deep-dive analytics to deliver segmented campaigns depending on users’ activity. Be it, users who explored a handbag collection or users who have completed a purchase in the recent past, Berrybenka created segments to deliver targeted, personalized communication. As a result, Berrybenka witnessed up to 14X increase in engagement for segmented, personalized and targeted campaigns when compared to batch-and-blast campaigns.

What they say About Us

“Users do not differentiate between channels and as a brand it is up to us to deliver a seamless messaging experience, wherever our users are. Using MoEngage’s advanced user analytics and engagement platforms (push, in-app & web push), we have been able to deliver on the promise of a truly cross-channel experience to our users thereby impacting our business positively.”


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