Traffic Source Analysis

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Navigating a typical martech stack for campaign management is hard enough. Switching between tools for measuring the outcome can make it much worse.

MoEngage not only brings marketing automation and engagement analytics together, but it also gives you insights into acquisition sources such as Google and Facebook.

You can now compare your acquisition channels and understand their impact on your engagement levels from one dashboard, without struggling with multiple spreadsheets and analytics tools.

Traffic Analysis
Get additional session-based insights

Get Additional Session-Based Insights

Even with all the data on where your users are coming from, it’s important to understand what happens next. MoEngage gives you clarity throughout the conversion process with session analysis.

You can compare engagement levels across channels based on session lengths, and use it to fine-tune your campaign messaging. You can also get a holistic understanding of the sessions with insights around total session count, sessions per user, bounce rate, avg session duration, inactivity, and conversion by source.

Optimize Your Spend, Maximize Conversion And Retention

The ability to compare traffic sources based on conversion rates – as well as session details and bounce rates – gives you a much better sense of the ROI.

Armed with this in-depth data, you can concentrate your marketing spend on the sources where your ideal customers come from. Additionally, you can optimize each campaign message based on the source to maximize CTR, conversion and retention.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Campaign Spend With Source Analysis

Why Customers Trust MoEngage

Oyo Logo

"At OYO, we are committed towards delivering an unparalleled hotel booking experience to our guests and we feel MoEngage is the right partner who can help us get there with their differentiated offering. We have witnessed improvement in delivery rates, made possible by MoEngage’s proprietary technology, Push Amplification."

Pranav Agrawal
Pranav Agrawal
AVP - CRM Head

"Our core focus is enabling our customers to engage with us digitally. To accelerate this digital shift, we are re-launching our self-care apps across our European footprint, taking customer care, service discovery, payments, and much more right to our users’ fingertips. MoEngage’s forward-looking engagement platform has been critical in enabling us to deliver contextual, personalized and relevant communications & alerts to our customers, at the right time, based on usage and behavior patterns."

Jonathan Abrahamson
Jonathan Abrahamson
VP Digitization
Deutsche Telekom
Tokopedia Logo

"Customer journeys are increasingly becoming more dynamic and interconnected in nature. For brands, to win, they must take cognizance of this paradigm and adapt their marketing tactics. ‘Flows’, by MoEngage, helps us seamlessly integrate both marketing and ad technologies to deliver a unique customer experience while delivering an optimal messaging experience to the users."

Holy Theodore
Holy Theodore
Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
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"MoEngage’s advanced segmentation and personalized engagement channels have helped us deliver an unparalleled listening experience to our users. MoEngage push notifications help us achieve up to 120% uplift in subscriptions for premium account drive up to 10% DAU (Daily Active Users) on the app."

Nachiketa Arya
Nachiketa Arya
Product Manager for Engagement
Snapdeal Logo

"Great product, built for agile marketeers, who like to stay in control of things and leading trends! Plus highly supportive team!"

Tarun Babbar
Tarun Babbar
Growth Marketing
Ayopop Logo

"MoEngage integrates all our Marketing needs in one platform and makes it easy to target the right user, customize the message and integrate a unified strategy across all channels; Email, Push Notification and In-App"

Mar Mallolas
Marc Mallolas
Head of Marketing &
Business Intelligence,

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