Understand customer preferences with
User Behavior Analytics

Get a better understanding of how users interact with your app.
Engage them quickly with data-driven campaigns.

Understand user segments and nuances

Compare different user segments to understand the user affinity levels with your brand. Analyze user interactions (click rate, open rate, last activity) to identify engagement levels. Get an overview of user behavior across channels and develop robust customer engagement strategies in line with your user behavior trends.

Identify your most ardent buyers and laggards

Your customer base ranges from people who barely use your app to raving fans. Get a better understanding of the entire spectrum with a frequency distribution chart. Proactively engage laggards to improve retention and leverage your ardent buyers by making them brand advocates through app store reviews and referral programs.

Keep track of ongoing campaign performances

Keep an eye on ongoing campaigns with insightful real-time reports. Download custom reports to assess campaign performance and leverage insights to create campaigns that progressively drive better results. Quickly cut your losses from underperforming campaigns by either stopping them or modifying the message or target segment.

Stay on top of and improve KPIs

Actively monitor your KPIs with daily, weekly, monthly reports. Use this information to assess the performance of the team and individual contributors. Project the reports on a dashboard to keep the team driven and keep their eyes on the goal.

Understand your customers better with user behavior analytics

Get to the root of what works and what doesn’t to stack the odds in your favor.