AI-enabled Customer Engagement: Here’s How You Can Get Started

AI has grown past being just a buzzword. In this eBook, we've covered some tried and winning ideas to get started with an AI-enabled engagement strategy for consumer brands. You'll learn:
• The need for an AI-first engagement strategy.
• How to achieve 1:1 personalization using AI.
• Ways to test and optimize in real-time.

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Do You Need AI-enabled Customer Engagement Strategy For Your Business?

If you're looking to solve any of the challenges below, AI-enabled customer engagement can help.

  • Boost Growth and Retention

    Gain access to newer, previously untapped customers segments and engage them at higher speeds to reach critical scale.
  • Improve User Experience

    Expect stronger activation and usage of existing products & cross-sell of new products, and boost loyalty.
  • Implement data-driven decisions

    Boost the efficiency of your marketing efforts reduced costs of acquisition and retention.

Find Out How These Brands Win Using AI-powered Tools

At the beginning of the pandemic, we witnessed a dip in the consumption of streaming apps. Looking at how Gen Z behaves and what they consume, we believe the change has accelerated. Since we have more users uploading on desktops, we need to ensure that the desktop experience is customized for the creator community.
Alexander Horowitz
Senior Manager CRM, SoundCloud
We use customer browsing and purchase data to validate and inform our decisions. Additionally, we do a lot of A/B testing to confirm whether our strategy will work or not. For instance, once COVID hit, we noticed that many of our customers were interested in loungewear and activewear, so we vigorously started promoting that.
Lucy Zhu
Director of Retention Marketing, Revolve
To identify the right data, you need qualitative feedback. You can leverage the qualitative insights tool to tie the variable to a particular test and move ahead with context. There's also the side exercise of sizing and effort that you need to keep in mind when thinking about your A/B test and see how that fits into your road map.
Neha Jagannath
Product Manager, Tala
Aligning processes and people to the right goals helps in identifying gaps in the company. Consider the stage of the company, and accordingly, set up your growth team and your overall funnel. At each stage of the company, you can plug in more customization into each part of the growth funnel.
Thomas Hopkins
Head of Performance & Lifecycle Marketing, MasterClass
Traditionally, customers would buy fashion products and accessories but as their needs evolved during the pandemic, shopping habits changed. So, we started using data to determine what customers see in their feed based on their buying patterns, what they have used before and what’s popular.
Alex Swan
Product Lead, Wish
Having a long term vision and goal is fundamental to any growth strategy. Clearly articulate where your company is headed and strategize how you will address challenges, opportunities and gaps to map goals to your growth strategy more effectively. You can use this information to identify specific growth initiatives.
Matias Honorato
Growth Lead, Tally Inc.
Today, 20-30% of any country's population suffers from different types of insomnia. For around 70% of people, insomnia is caused by over-thinking. A wellness app could help solve such a problem. Analyzing customer needs is what enabled Mesmerize.
Rockwell Shah
Founder, Mesmerize
Looking for the next steps to begin AI-enabled customer engagement for your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer engagement?
Customer engagement can be described as an ongoing relationship with a brand consisting of multiple micro-moments spread across channels.
Why is customer engagement necessary?
With brands operating multiple channels of engagement to serve their customers, their journey has become multi-faceted.
What is an AI-enabled customer engagement strategy?
Customer engagement can be complex. Technologies such as AI can help brands leverage consumer data and use these insights to build meaningful conversations in real-time. With an AI-driven approach, brands can move away from a segmented approach towards a hyper-personalized strategy that looks at every customer individually and then engages with them in the best possible manner.