Banking in the Era of Connected Experience: Customer Engagement (Part 2)

Orchestrating an engagement plan that maps the customers’ behavior is the key to keeping your customers engaged. Read this eBook to understand:
• Automating customer engagement using AI.
• Driving up-sell/cross-sell opportunities among existing banking customers.
• Best practices for segmenting and creating a customer persona.

Stay updated with the best customer engagement practices in the banking industry.

Top Customer Engagement Channels in Banking

According to a Financial Brand report, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital banking solutions by three to seven years. This led to increase in mobile and online banking solutions, which customers could use anytime anywhere. Another study by Lightico confirmed that 63% of consumers in the U.S. were more inclined to try a new banking app than before the pandemic.

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How AI Drives Customer Engagement in Banking

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving improvements in several aspects of banking. Take a look at how AI works for banking:

Rapid Experimentation

Saves time as you don’t need to actively test program variations or experiment with different time windows.

Grab Every Engagement Opportunity

Adjust send times for your alerts and notifications to ensure no engagement opportunities are missed.

Maximize Engagement

Deliver the right message at the right time to maximize performance rates of campaigns, driving more action from the end-user and generating higher ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is customer engagement important for banks?

Customer engagement is important to banks as it helps in retaining new customers and building long-term customer relationships through personalized communication, real-time alerts, timely reminders of bill payments, new offers, etc.

How do banks improve customer relationships?

Banks can improve customer relationships by providing a seamless and consistent experience across online and offline models. Additionally, easy to navigate websites and customer support can further help maintain great customer relationships.

How is AI used in banking?

Artificial Intelligence has assisted banks in storing huge quantities of data, tracking the customer lifecycle, analyzing consumer needs, and offering relevant solutions, thereby keeping consumers engaged and loyal.

How do you automate customer engagement?

Customer engagement automation begins with creating onboarding workflows and customized messages for customers in relevant segments. It involves re-targeting lost customers and keeping them engaged with updates. Customer profiling using insights-led customer engagement platforms helps send more targeted messaging to each customer segment.