6 Best-in-Class SMS Marketing Strategies for B2C Brands

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    Why should you adopt SMS marketing?

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    How 6 global brands leverage text messaging to engage customers?

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    What are the perks of SMS marketing?

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    How to implement an insights-led engagement strategy using SMS?

Get actionable strategies for implementing winning customer engagement strategies using SMS marketing.

How Brands are Leveraging SMS to Engage Customers Via

Lowe's, the home improvement super chain, takes SMS marketing to the next level by making it conversational. Using its text messaging service, customers can communicate with the retailer via a series of commonly asked questions and answers, helping them make informed decisions.


Perks of Using SMS Marketing

Including the SMS channel in your omnichannel engagement strategy reaps long-term benefits if your customer base prefers real-time mobile notifications.

Higher CTR

SMS click-through rate accounts for 30% compared to 2.6% for Email marketing campaigns. Since text messages are personal and conversational, engagement goes beyond mere read rates.

Growth in Subscribers

Blocking third-party data doesn't affect text messaging. You get access to first-party information via opt-ins, which allows you to communicate with your subscribers and leverage to promote list growth.

More Revenue

Texts related to onboarding offers, cart abandonments, drip messages for upsell/cross-sell and flash sales for a limited time contribute to revenue growth.

With 6 Best-in-Class SMS Marketing Strategies for B2C Brands, you get the right SMS strategy as per your customers and their journeys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMS message marketing?

SMS message marketing lets you keep your customers engaged by sending them a customized 160-character message regarding your ongoing flash sale, promotional offers, loyalty program, transactional alerts, and more. It has become an integral part of the omnichannel marketing strategy, thus engaging customers at every touchpoint. With SMS message marketing, you get access to first-party data, ensuring you maintain customer privacy without worrying about third-party data.

What are the types of SMS marketing?

The various types of SMS marketing include promotional, transactional, flash sales, 2-way conversation, MMS, alerts, and opt-ins and opt-outs.

Why is SMS marketing important?

SMS has emerged as the second most preferred communication channel for brands in North America (after Email). Multiple industries, such as retail, financial services, media and entertainment, and travel, benefit from adopting SMS marketing as part of their omnichannel engagement strategy. Since SMS marketing presents real-time engagement opportunities, it can be a beneficial way to attract customers and foster close relationships that lead to sales and greater loyalty.