Connect the Dots Between Insights, Engagement, and Product-led Growth

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    Part I: Laying a strong foundation with insights 

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    Part 2: Leveraging insights for customer engagement

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    Part 3: Benchmarking product-led growth through insights

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    Part 4: Implementing insights-led technology to scale up for success

Uncover frameworks and strategies for setting up an insights-led culture and using insights for engagement and PLG.

Importance of Data Democratization

In order to run a successful PLG company, it is essential to build a data environment and culture within the organization, that makes deriving insights everyone’s job. Here's why:

Data Explosion

As the product expands and diversifies, the amount of data that needs to be analyzed increases significantly.

Data Invisibility

With changes in customer behavior and increased competition, it is necessary to adopt strategies in accordance with real-time insights on the actual usage of the product by customers.

Data Talent

If a company is dependent on only the data team to acquire and analyze data, it will eventually experience a shortage of human resources.

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Build Engagement Loops by Leveraging Customer Insights

Develop customer engagement loops that support your PLG journey, to translate the success of an insights-led organization culture into an engaging experience for your external customers.

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Strengthen the 5 Pillars of Product-Led Growth Using Benchmarks


Pillar 1: Build the product for the end consumer.


Pillar 2: Meet your customers where they are through distribution.


Pillar 3: Create a frictionless onboarding experience.


Pillar 4: Show value to your customers before asking for money.


Pillar 5: Leverage the sales team for customer expansion (and the product for building the initial demand).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data democratization?

Data democratization is the process of removing gatekeepers and making data available to everyone in the organization, including non-data practitioners. It is a continuous process that enables every member of the organization to work with data in a comfortable and confident manner, eventually leading them to craft strategies and customer experiences powered by data.

What is product-led growth (PLG)?

Product-led growth is a business strategy in which acquisition, activation, and retention of customers are driven by the product.

What is the difference between a CDP and a CEP?

Customer data platforms (CDPs) enable you to collect customer data from multiple sources and collate all data in one place to create unified customer profiles. On the other hand, customer engagement platforms (CEPs) enable you to send personalized messaging over various channels such as email, SMS, chat, push notifications, and more. CEPs have a native machine-learning aspect that helps you analyze, gain insights, predict, and engage with customers the way they want to be spoken to, over a channel they enjoy interacting with. By using a CDP with a CEP you can get the best of both worlds. Not only does it make the process seamless for you but also improves the customer experience manifold.