Customer Engagement During Crisis Playbook

What’s in it for you?
Detailed resource page on how to drive customer engagement during a crisis with in-depth strategies from leading global brands and industry experts.

Ready to implement strategies based on insights from 50+ leading global brands

Razor-sharp strategies from brands and industry leaders

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In this playbook, you will:

Understand the paradigm shift in consumer spending pattern and what it means for brands

Analyze and learn where your brand lies by answering a few key questions

Get razor-sharp strategies to continue growing, bounce back or accelerate growth

Discover real-world examples of how brands utilized these strategies to drive growth

Assess Where Your Business Lies

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Structuring Your Approach For Growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by customer engagement strategies frameworks?

The crux of this playbook is to provide ready to implement Customer engagement strategies to brands for sustaining growth, bouncing back, or accelerating the pace of growth. We have devised frameworks that allow you to optimize and improve your acquisition, engagement, and retention models for improved performance.

Are the insights vertical- or geography-specific?

For this customer engagement playbook, we’ve spoken to various experts from different industries such as online shopping, travel and hospitality, mobility, e-healthcare, food delivery, fintech, media and entertainment, real estate, and ed-tech. These experts have been working with brands from all over the world, hence making the playbook accessible by folks from various business verticals across geographies.

Are these engagement strategies specific to the current crisis or can be utilized later?

The strategies mentioned in this marketing playbook are formulated taking into consideration the situation prevailing during and after a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This playbook basically serves as your go-to guide while navigating any crisis and as such can be utilized in case of any business crisis.

Are these customer engagement strategies specific to a particular industry vertical?

Customer engagement strategies listed in this playbook are based on insights gathered from marketing experts and leaders across leading global brands from various verticals. These strategies aren’t exclusive to one industry vertical and can be emulated by brands from varied industries. Just ensure, you choose the path according to the impact of the crisis on your business.

What brands have participated in providing these engagement strategies?

We have brands from all over the world who participated in providing engagement strategies for this playbook. For instance, 7Mind is a well-known meditation brand from Germany, Zoomcar is among India’s leading mobility providers, IMVU is a renowned social gaming app from the USA, while Cure.Fit is one of the biggest healthcare and fitness brands in India, to name a few.

Who are these experts and industry leaders?

We’ve featured marketing experts and leaders from various global brands across various verticals. These experts happen to be founders, growth marketing heads, CRM leads, product managers and marketers, among other illustrious profiles. These experts have a combined experience spanning decades, teams, and disciplines.

Have these strategies been utilized by these experts?

All the customer engagement strategies mentioned in this marketing playbook are real-world examples meaning they have already been implemented by brands who have seen a positive impact on their business KPIs. Once you go through the complete playbook, you will gain a better understanding of how different brand across verticals and geographies have changed their strategies and succeeded.

Can I utilize these strategies even though my business is not affected in a similar way?

The growth-sustaining are meant for industries on a growth trajectory with a focus on engagement, while bounce-back strategies are for brands reporting a slowdown in business with a focus on retention. Although you can choose the strategy that suits you the most, we suggest you follow the paths as they will yield optimal results and are based on in-depth research done by MoEngage and AppFollow.