Credit Union Brands Create Personal Relationships Using Digital Engagement Strategies

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    The current landscape for credit unions

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    Challenges faced when competing with other financial institutions

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    Advantages of personalizing experiences for credit unions

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    Credit unions successfully engaging their customers digitally

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    Reimagining engagement for credit unions through a CEP

Find out how credit unions can successfully engage their members using digital channels.

A recent survey indicates that bank and credit union leaders are confident about their face-to-face customer engagement, with 35% calling it excellent. However, only 9% of leaders called their digital customer experience excellent.

Source: BAI Banking Outlook for 2022

Top Three Challenges for Credit Unions

Becoming digital-first to stand neck-to-neck with other fintech players in the market.

Ensuring consistent brand presence and communication across multiple channels.

Collecting accurate data and ensuring maximum AI and predictive analysis usage.

Credit Unions Successfully Engaging Customers Digitally:

Wright-Patt Credit Union offers a detailed online banking walkthrough of its services via navigation prompts to educate new members on how to use its app.