4 Omnichannel Strategies to Nurture Loyalty and Maximize Retention

  • Learn the right way to maintain engagement and prevent customer churn.

  • Understand how to maximize retention through a great onboarding strategy.

  • Discover the role of cohort analysis in building a customer retention strategy.

  • Find out what drives repeat purchases and ensures customer loyalty.

  • Learn 4 strategies to implement customer retention across channels

Stay updated with industry’s best customer engagement and retention practices to build a loyal customer base.

Maximize Customer Retention Through Onboarding

Omnichannel Engagement

Today’s customers expect to be engaged across multiple platforms. Delivering a comprehensive experience from the start is the key to maintaining interest.

Analyze Buyer History

Buyers tend to stick with brands that offer a personalized onboarding experience. Judicious use of the customer information will allow you to engage with them the way that they expect.

Timing is Everything

Be mindful of doing the right thing at the right time. Examine what timed emails and push notifications receive the best response and from which segments of your audience.

How Cohort Analysis Enables Customer Retention

Cohort analysis allows you to examine the types of products customers are engaging with or the patterns they display while using your mobile app. It helps in predicting future buyer behavior and churn, giving you room to be more strategic. Some of the important metrics to focus on while using a cohort analysis for customer retention include:

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Go-to Strategies for Customer Retention

Tweak the Customer Journey

Cohort analysis can spot the exact juncture in the customer journey where customers are churning. The customer journey can then be streamlined to make them stay longer.

Proactively Plan Reactivation Emails

Metrics like time intervals between two purchases help in properly planning the reactivation drip campaigns to keep customers in the loop.

Introduce Loyalty Programs

Reward points are a proven strategy to retain customers. Cohorts are also used to create targeted offers, coupons, free shipping, and more that will help retain existing customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer engagement strategy?

A customer engagement strategy aims at improving customer satisfaction. This includes providing a robust platform/product features, knowing how your customer success teams address the customer issues and the kind of initiatives the organization takes in building engagement over time.

What is customer engagement and retention?

Customer engagement involves building a connection with your customers and keeping them glued to your offerings so that they repeat purchase. Meanwhile, customer retention is an important metric to track to measure the ROI since it costs way more to acquire new customers than to retain the existing ones. Keeping your customers engaged is the key to retaining them

How do you improve customer retention?

Brands can improve customer retention by providing a seamless onboarding experience. Taking regular feedback alo helps in understanding the customer’s likes and dislikes. Rewarding customers also goes a long way in retaining them.

What is customer retention strategies?

Customer retention strategies are the initiatives that brands undertake to not only build a loyal customer base but also improve customer lifetime value. Successful customer retention strategies aim at providing a consistent and seamless experience to customers that keep them engaged throughout the customer lifecycle.

Why customer retention is important?

Customer retention directly impacts the profit or revenue of your business. Everlasting customer relationships are built on the foundation of effective communication, personalized experience, rewards and value added services.

What is customer onboarding strategy?

Customer onboarding is the process of welcoming new customers on board, introducing them to your products or services, giving them the support they need to get hands-on and address any concerns they may have. First impressions matter and a great onboarding experience helps in setting the tone for the rest of your relationship with the customer.

How do you analyze customer retention?

It begins with analyzing customer behavior and identifying relevant patterns associated with churn and retention. A comparison of those engaged and those who churn, helps in figuring out at what stage and time are the customers likely to leave.

What is cohort of customers?

Cohort is a group of customers who perform a similar sequence of events within a specific time frame. Cohort of customers help brands in providing customized experience to each group of customers.

What is customer retention by cohort?

Cohort analysis plays an important role in studying retention analytics over a period of time. Brands can see how long customers are active on their app from the first touch point by measuring the retention of the cohorts.