Customer Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns: An In-depth Guide for 2023

  • The four stages of a customer’s journey and key drivers that influence engagement.

  • Areas to focus on to measure the success of customer lifecycle marketing campaigns.

  • Pitfalls and best practices to follow while implementing a customer lifecycle marketing strategy.

Get access to trends, best practices, and real-world use cases across the customer lifecycle.

The Four Phases of Customer Lifecycle Marketing

At each phase of the cycle, you should approach the customer using specific channels and specific marketing messages. The image below explains the phases and the mediums used.

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Pitfalls to Avoid While Implementing Customer Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns

Poor segmentation

Leads to scattered marketing messaging that may not bring the apt RoI.

Sending repetitive offers

Results in declining engagement rates for your campaigns.

Lack of personalization

Makes personalizing complex for new and old customers.

Everything you need to know about implementing customer lifecycle campaigns for your organization.

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How 1Weather Improves App Stickiness with Lifecycle Marketing


We had a unique challenge of providing real-time, hyper-local and personalized weather alerts to our users, and MoEngage has proved to be an asset in automating our efforts at scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer lifecycle marketing?

Customer lifecycle marketing is a coordinated marketing effort that touches every phase of the customer’s journey. The aim of this strategy is to increase new conversions and ensure high retention.

What are the four stages of customer lifecycle marketing campaigns?

The four stages of customer lifecycle marketing campaigns are:

  • Reach: The prospect comes in contact with your business at this stage.
  • Act: The customer uses your product or service for the first time.
  • Convert: The first-time customer uses more services.
  • Engage: Loyal customers return to your website or app as they find value in your product or service.

What challenges do organizations face while running their customer lifecycle marketing campaign?

Organizations face following three major challenges while implementing their customer lifecycle marketing campaign- poor segmentation, repetitive offers and lack of personalization.

What are the best practices in implementing a customer lifecycle marketing campaign?

The best practices of implementing a customer lifecycle marketing campaign include data-driven segmentation, contextual relevant offers and personalization.

How can MoEngage help with your customer lifecycle marketing strategy?

MoEngage helps you acquire new customers, engage, and retain them, while also seeking referrals from existing customers. The customer engagement platform is built for the mobile-first world, helping companies orchestrate campaigns through push notifications, emails, in-app messaging, web push and SMS. Brands can leverage MoEngage’s AI-powered platform to gain rich intelligence into their customers’ interests and behavior, fueled by our proprietary AI engine, Sherpa.