How AI can Fuel Your Marketing Effectiveness

In this eBook, we’ll unlock some of the secrets to improving your marketing campaign performance in addition to:
• Analyzing customer behavior
• Gaining valuable customer feedback
• Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve higher conversion rates

Stay updated with the best practices in measuring campaign performance and increasing customer engagement using AI.

How to Assess Your Campaign Performance

Analyzing your current marketing campaign can help you understand the reason for its success or failure and can help you recognize whether it’s time to start anew or keep working with your current strategy. To give your campaign performance a wellness check, ask the following questions:

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Using AI to Improve Marketing Campaign Performance

AI allows you to move beyond cohorts and toward deeper insights at the individual level to help you move to a customer-centric approach for your strategy. It can improve your marketing campaign performance through:

Right Audience Targeting

Understand your audience based on factors such as buyer history, behaviors, and user preferences.


AI-enabled segmentation and dynamic product messaging enable marketers to customize marketing communication in real-time.

Automated User Journeys

Automated flows can use conditions and triggers that influence customers’ purchase journeys and lead them toward conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of customer feedback?

Customer feedback helps in improvising products, improves customer experience, fosters customer loyalty and builds long-term relationships.

How do you measure campaign performance?

Digital campaign performance can be measured by various metrics such as conversion rate, cost per click, cost per acquisition, revenue generated, return on investment and total customer acquisition.

How does AI improve marketing?

AI improves marketing by analyzing customer behavior, creating customer segments and curating communications for individual needs throughout the customer lifecycle.