Product-led Growth Strategies for Consumer Brands

  • How do the biggest brands build products for growth?
  • What does an ideal product-led growth setup look like?
  • What drives collaboration between PLG stakeholders?
  • How do successful brands leverage insights to maximize engagement?
  • How do they conquer onboarding challenges for engagement?
  • How do leading brands decode product-led retention?

Uncover growth secrets from B2C brands like Samsung, Flipkart, Kredivo, Decathlon, Byju's and more. Read the eBook now!

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Growth secrets from the world's fastest growing consumer brands

6 takeaways from the Product-led Growth eBook

  • Build for your audience

    Mobile market share worldwide is fragmented, with the West preferring Apple OS and the East choosing Android more. Understand your users and build your product accordingly.
  • Eliminate unhealthy friction

    Product-led growth is about teams collaborating seamlessly, and the best ways to eliminate friction are to define outcome metrics jointly owned by all stakeholders.
  • Measure the right metrics

    Metrics measured by one company may not indicate success in another. Make sure you understand what you're working towards and measure the right metrics for you.
  • Create good first impressions

    Chart out targeted and smooth onboarding journeys so your users have happy interactions with your product, right from the start.
  • Avoid vanity metrics

    Avoid the pitfall of vanity metrics, which make your business look good but don't communicate the reality of your engagement levels.
  • Deliver great experiences

    Good customer experiences at every stage of the lifecycle will help you acquire new users and retain them for the long haul.

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Product-led Growth Wisdom from Industry Leaders

Tracking negative metrics is as important as tracking positive metrics.
Niraj Bajaj
Director of Product Management, Samsung
Understand how humans think. The better you are at observing your consumers, the better you will be in serving them.
Arindam Mukherjee
(Former) Senior Director, Product, User Experience & Growth, Flipkart
It’s hard for startups to knock on the door of a big organization. First, you need to find the right door, which is difficult. Second, you need to time it right. You might have the best technology, the best team or the best solution in the world, but if you aren’t available when an incubator/investor needs you, you won’t get your chance. But that doesn’t mean your solution is not right — it’s just wrong timing.
Barbara Guerpillon
(Former) Director, Unilever Foundry
Don’t fall for vanity metrics. Look at metrics that show how users are aligned towards their journey. Engagement based on cohorts can give a big picture.
Mithun Madhusudan
Director of Product Management, ShareChat
Unbundling and re-bundling are key to succeeding in a crowded marketplace. They ensure differentiation and make it easier to define the product’s target audience. Knowing your audience is critical for both acquisition and retention.
Alethia Tan
Head of Growth Operations, Kredivo
You need to study customer journeys to understand the bigger picture rather than just looking at micro-moments that supposedly drive business growth. This will help you understand why some customers switch and others stay.
Sarika Tulsyan
Chief Revenue Officer, POPS Worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product-led Growth?
Product-led growth allows businesses to use the product as the primary driver for acquisition, conversion, and retention. It allows you to sustain and enhance the growth rate by delivering exceptional customer experiences.
What are some of the topics covered in this eBook?
Some of the topics covered are, 'how to script a product vision, strategy, and roadmap', 'delivering growth in a competitive market', 'identifying hotspots for internal collaboration,' 'decoding product-led growth for enterprise', and more.
Why is product-led growth important?
A good product can take a business from one to a million MAUs instantly. It is important to understand what drives a user to use your product, how they use it, why they churn or stay—and use this information to grow your business.
Which regions is this eBook relevant for?
The 'Product-led Growth for Consumer Brands' eBook is relevant for all geographies, whether you're in the US, UK, India, SEA, or anywhere else!
What is a product-led growth strategy?
A product-led growth strategy allows businesses of all sizes to leverage the product as the primary driver for acquisitions, conversions, engagement, and retention.
What is a product-led growth company?
A product-led growth company is one that uses the product as the primary driver for all growth activities.
What is 'product-led'?
To be product-led means to put the product at the center of all your growth activities, using it to drive acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Growth stories from the world's biggest consumer brands

Get the 'Product-led Growth for Consumer Brands' eBook today!