Scaling Your Media and Entertainment Customer Engagement in 2022

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Analyzing Customer Preferences and Behavior

The most successful platforms use consumer data to offer their customers the entertainment options they want, when they want them. It is important to divide your audience into segments that can help you accurately predict future behavior.

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How to Convert and Onboard Trial Customers

Growth is a three-step process that involves wooing first-time users, onboarding and retaining them. With many consumers considering dropping a platform because they are not using it enough, continued engagement is the key to building a loyal customer base.

Adopt Omnichannel Marketing

Deliver consistent communication across all digital channels and leverage data to ask the right questions before onboarding.

Use AI and ML

Use a customer engagement tool with embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor customer preferences.

Dazzle with Something New

Keep the new customers engaged by offering personalised offerings and new features to create buzz around your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you grow and engage your audience on your OTT service?

You can grow your OTT video streaming audience by improving the UI and UX, encouraging customers to enable push notifications and suggesting new features using personalized banners.

What is OTT marketing strategy?

OTT marketing strategy focuses on omnichannel marketing to provide a seamless experience across channels, understanding consumer preferences and personalizing their experience.

What is a good conversion rate on apps?

Research indicates that a majority of applications have 1-2% conversion, hence anything above 2% is a good in-app conversion rate for mobile apps

How do you increase users?

Onboarding new customers and retaining them requires brands to create relatable content, emphasize on product experience, use gamification to improve engagement and provide real-time assistance via chatbots.