The Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing

The increased reliance on mobile devices during the pandemic has intrigued customers’ interest in Short Message Service (SMS). With this E-book, we intend to showcase how marketers can leverage SMS to keep their customers engaged. Read on to understand:
• Role of SMS in omnichannel marketing.
• Ready-to-use SMS campaign ideas.
• The future of SMS marketing.

Kickstart your SMS marketing strategy by getting access to industry best practices.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Higher Open Rates

According to Gartner, open rates for text messages can reach as high as 98%, and response rates can hit 45%.

Fast Delivery

Texts require little preparation, as the format is structured for relatively short messages, and quick delivery is the standard.

Opt-in and Opt-out Opportunities

If customers want to learn more, they can opt-in. If they don’t want to receive messages anymore, they can easily opt-out.

Ready-to-use SMS Campaign Ideas

Some high-performing campaigns use proven strategies to boost engagement. There are many areas where SMS marketing can prove to be a valuable driver of customer engagement.

Facilitate Engagement

Text suggestions such as installing a new app or sign-up for email updates help drive cross-channel engagement.

Product Updates

Alerts regarding new arrivals, back in stock, and discount coupons enable customers to re-purchase.


Giveaways like rewarding customers for opting in and engaging with texts pique customers’ interest in your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a form of marketing that brands utilize to send promotional offers, updates on purchased items, and text messages. It can also act as a two-way conversation where customers can interact with their favorite brands.

What are the types of SMS marketing?

The different types of SMS marketing include coupons, flash sales, loyalty programs, notifications, and more. Brands experiment with various SMS marketing types to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Is SMS marketing effective?

As per industry reports, the open rates for texts can go as high as 98%. This whopping number is higher than any other digital marketing channel. Brands get an edge using this channel as a majority of customers are inclined towards receiving texts. With quick execution, delivery, and high open rates, SMS marketing proves to be marketers’ new channel to woo customers.

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