Winning Millennial Engagement In The Middle East In 2022 With Personalization

  • Increase in digital adoption in the Middle East by Millennial consumers

  • Importance of Email and Push Notification as the primary digital communication channels

  • How Shopping, Banking, and Entertainment brands can use digital channels to engage their millennial customers

  • Impact of Personalization on the performance of Email and Push Notifications

  • How can consumer brands in the Middle East implement Personalization at scale

  • Detailed stories of how leading consumer brands in the Middle East leverage Personalization

Read how Personalized Emails and Push Notifications can help you engage your customers at scale!

State of Digital Consumption in the Middle East

The Middle East is one of the fastest-growing markets globally, with over half of the population being below the age of 25. The internet penetration in UAE is expected to reach 96% by 2025, with 67% of Middle East consumers shifting to digital channels for engaging with brands.

Internet penetration in the Middle East

Impact of Personalization on

Unique open rates (OR) of broadcast Emails is 7.91%, while the OR of personalized Emails is 19.34%. The click-through rate (CTR) for broadcast Emails is just 1.44%, but it increases to 28.63% if Email communication is personalized. The Conversion rate of personalized Emails are 8.45% on average, compared to 4.08% for email broadcasts.


How are leading consumer brands in the Middle East using Personalization to engage customers

  • Landmark Group
  • Mashreq

Landmark Group is one of the largest retail brands in the Middle East, Africa, and India. It has over 2,300 outlets, selling 50 world-class brands in 22 countries. Personalized push notification campaigns helped Landmark Group improve user reachability. They observed a 30% uplift in delivery and engagement rates and a 5% increase in the conversion rates.


Mashreq Neo, a digital banking app of one of UAE’s best-performing banks for five decades, Mashreq witnessed a 16% boost in debit card activation thanks to Personalization. Relevant and timely personalized recommendations for money transfers, savings, loans, and investment options generated massive response rates for Mashreq Neo, leading to 50% improvement in CTRs.

Read how Personalized Emails and Push Notifications can help you engage your customers at scale!