Best Practices for Boosting Email Engagement

What’s the goal of any email program?

  • To communicate with your customers, to drive conversion, to keep them engaged, to notify them of something, and so on. 

How do emails help achieve these?

  • When users open your emails and read them, they know what you are trying to relay. What deters this?

  • Users not getting emails i.e. if the emails are not delivered at all or if emails go to spam. 

Spam is still delivered, so why is this bad? 

  • Spam is where emails go to die. Most users simply do not know that a junk or spam folder exists and an average user will not go looking for an email they don’t see. 

  • Junk means, well, Junk, and most of the users don’t open or don’t trust emails in the Junk or Spam folder, which is actually good or in their better interest.

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Scaling Personalization Across the Customer Journey

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15th December | 3 PM IST

  • Basics of email deliverability.
  • Details of sender authentication (SPF/DKIM/DMARC).
  • User collection methods - Maintaining a healthy database.
  • Legal Compliance.
  • Segmentation and Frequency best practices.
  • Email metrics to watch out for.

Key Takeaways