Organic User Acquisition Growth for Mobile

A comprehensive course to help increase your mobile app installs through ASO and Rating and Review Management


About the Course

While looking to increase user acquisition, many teams focus heavily on paid channels. That's fine if you have a big budget and paid acquisition fits your overall strategy. But paying for every install isn't sustainable in the long run.

In fact, a study conducted by AppFollow in collaboration with Facebook found that shopping app users acquired organically had a 22.5% higher Lifetime Value (8.9% to 10.9%) and a 3X greater propensity to buy (7.1 to 20.63).

Which brings us to the question – how do you grow your user base organically?

In this course, the AppFollow team shares the strategies and tactics you can follow to improve organic user acquisition for your mobile app.

Learning Objectives

Market Research and App Analysis

Differences between App Store and Google Play

How to ASO

Conversion Rate Optimization

App Rating and Review Management

Estimating KPIs

Measuring the ROI of your efforts

BONUS 1: ASO Checklist

BONUS 2: Ratings and Reviews Checklist

Anna Kochetkova

Anna is the Head of Consulting at AppFollow. She has been in the IT industry since 2016 and is an expert in the mobile marketing sphere, including ASO. Anna has improved the store performance of over 70+ projects worldwide.

Denis is the Team Lead at AppFollow consulting department. Denis and his team have been providing comprehensive ASO services for the biggest mobile developers for over 4 years, helping them reach first positions on top charts.

Denis Shelkov

Vera is the Head of Reviews/Product Manager at AppFollow. With vast experience in mobile gaming, eCommerce, and SaaS she brings all her knowledge to enhance the Support Team routine and provide high-quality Ratings and Reviews insights by building great services at AppFollow.

Ilia is the Head of ASO at AppFollow with 6 years of experience. He is a constant contributor to the ASO community and has been named the ASO Marketer of the Year 2019 by ASO Stack.

Ilia Kukharev

Vera Rabkina

Ilia Kukharev

Vera Rabkina

Denis Shelkov

Anna Kochetkova

Head of Consulting, AppFollow

Team Lead, AppFollow

Head of Reviews/Product Manager, AppFollow

Head of ASO, AppFollow

Certificate of Completion

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MoEngage Academy is user friendly and easily digestible! I gained customer engagement strategies like automation, personalization, and analytics which benefit my role as the go-to digital marketing guy.

Satrio Darmawan
Digital Marketing Strategist, Alodokter

In my opinion the material is quite clear and easy to understand. The step by step is also explained in detail. Good job !!

Erwan Wahyudi
Director of Design Ops, Machtwatch (Jamtangan.com)

I am new to the marketing world and it cleared all my basic concepts. Now I can plan and execute any campaign.

Shubham Saraogi
Associate Category Manager, Rentomojo

Aakansha Srivastava
Growth Marketing, Wynk

I learned and understood more ways to tap into growth. It’s educative, interesting and a great way to learn and grow.

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A comprehensive course to help increase your mobile app installs using ASO and Rating and Review Management

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