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A data-driven framework for improving user retention and keeping it high on an ongoing basis


About the Course

We all understand that retaining existing customers is more critical for sustained growth than just focusing on acquisition. But it can be daunting to try and improve retention when you're staring at hundreds of millions of data points.

  • Where do you start?
  • What metrics should you measure to stay on track?
  • What strategy do you need to improve retention?

In this 'Retention 101' course, Gaurav Bhawnani, co-founder at Superhumans.ai and former Head of Retention Marketing at Licious, breaks down his framework for tracking and improving user retention.

Learning Objectives

What is retention

How does retention change for different industries

What are the different ways of measuring retention

How to identify the right metrics for your business

How to build a dashboard for tracking retention

How to improve retention

Downloadable Retention Overview Template

About the Instructor

Gaurav is a co-founder at Superbeings.ai, a platform for people first organizations to leverage the true potential of their workforce.

In the past, he has led Growth and Retention Marketing at Licious, a D2C fresh meat and seafood brand, and been in Category Head roles at Cleartax and Housejoy.

Certificate of Completion

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MoEngage Academy is user friendly and easily digestible! I gained customer engagement strategies like automation, personalization, and analytics which benefit my role as the go-to digital marketing guy.

Satrio Darmawan
Digital Marketing Analyst, Alodokter

In my opinion the material is quite clear and easy to understand. The step by step is also explained in detail. Good job !!

Erwan Wahyudi
Director of Design Ops, Machtwatch (Jamtangan.com)

I am new to the marketing world and it cleared all my basic concepts. Now I can plan and execute any campaign.

Shubham Saraogi
Associate Category Manager, Rentomojo

Aakansha Srivastava
Growth Marketing, Wynk

I learned and understood more ways to tap into growth. It’s educative, interesting and a great way to learn and grow.

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