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How Ludo King used segmentation and communication to retain more users

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About the Webinar

 It is common knowledge that different industries have been differently affected by the pandemic. While a lot of light is shed (and rightly so) on industries that have observed adverse impact, it is time we looked at those recording unprecedented growth, what they got right, and how they’re planning to sustain the growth. 

The online gaming industry is one of the few industry which has actually benefitted immensely from users staying home (due to the mandatory lockdown and social distancing) and spending time playing games. 

To help our community of marketers and product owners, we have onboarded on of the leaders from Gametion, who will discuss the impact of the pandemic on the industry/brand, plan for unforeseen demand, adapt acquisition/retention strategy, and share data-backed insights on how they’re planning to sustain current growth.

              Clarence Pereira

        Game Producer, Gametion