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How Tamatem Leveraged Data Analytics To Boost Monetization & Optimize Revenue

About the Webinar

One of the leading mobile game publishers in the MENA market, Tamatem Games, owes its success to a data-driven culture. The game publisher focuses on data analytics to better understand user behavior thus improving their gameplay and personalization in turn improving monetization.

Discover the steps to building a data tracking system and how you can use it to spot trends (peaks or drops), understand the performance of features (new and existing), and analyze user spending behavior. Join the webinar to learn how data analytics can help you improve user targeting & segmentation, and much more.

             Shereen Khalaf

               Data Analyst Specialist

Shereen is a data analysis specialist at Tamatem, she has been with the company for almost two years now, as a data analyst her main objective is to push for a data driven culture and to ensure that data is readily available and communicated properly with the rest of the team.


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