Consumer Insights for the Holidays 2021

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    Change in consumer shopping behaviour and patterns before the holidays

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    Shift in consumer expectations since the pandemic

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    Consumer preferences from brands to provide a personalised experience

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    Emerging digital channels of communication during the holiday season

Get access to trends, consumer preferences and real-world use cases to stay ahead of competition this holiday.

Critical Consumer Insights to Fuel Holiday Campaigns

The biggest frustration for European consumers is receiving irrelevant content from brands. This makes knowing the individual consumer on a deeper level much more vital for today's brands.


Emerging Trends Post-pandemic to Consider for Holiday Shoppers Engagement

Shifts in Shopping Behaviour

38% of Europeans are buying more online than in-person, 26% have cut down on their shopping and 16% of them have recently done business with a new brand.

Preferred Digital Channels

22% of Europeans have pivoted towards mobile apps to communicate with brands, while 19% of them prefer social mediato meet their shopping needs. SMS and push notifications are the emerging digital channels seeing a gradual increase in adoption.

Change in Expectations

39% of Europeans will shop more online, while 36% of them will adopt the hybrid model of shopping online and in-person equally.

Strategies to Individualise Customer Journeys for the Holidays

  • Insights-led Customer Engagement
  • AI and Optimisation
  • Personalised Experiences
  • Omnichannel Marketing

Leveraging customer behavioural insights and technology to drive customer engagement strategy can help you orchestrate campaigns through the right channels with the content that is best for them.


AI, when used properly, can become marketers’ superpower and make them more effective, minimising efforts to analyse data and automatically suggesting the right tactics for the next step in their journeys.


Customers are trying new digital habits and increasing digital behaviours. Hence, personalisation is becoming a vital investment as the economy recovers and consumers feel safe to start spending again.


Today’s consumers demand a consistent experience across channels. To meet their expectations, it is critical to identify the moments so that you can plan the right engagement strategy for them.

With Consumer Insights for the Holidays 2021, you get access to consumer preferences around engagement, strategies to personalise customer experience based on these insights and how businesses can leverage this information to tailor customer journeys and deliver a seamless experience.

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