Email Marketing Benchmarks for USA and Canada | 2023

  • Over 312.4 Million B2C emails analyzed across the USA and Canada
  • Benchmark data for open rates, click-to-open rates, conversion rates, and unsubscribe rates
  • 4 industries covered: Retail and E-commerce, Banking and Finance, Media and Entertainment, and Lifestyle
  • 3 types of email personalization analyzed: Attribute-based, Behavior-based, and Journey-based (in comparison to Broadcast emails)
  • Best practices for using a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) to enhance your email marketing strategy recommended
Access Benchmarks, Insights, and Recommended Strategies From Analyzing 312.4 Million B2C Delivered Emails

Email Marketing Benchmarks and Takeaways for 4 Different Industries

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Types of Emails Compared in the Report:

Broadcast emails are those that are sent out to a large audience without segmentation or personalization involved, often resulting in recipients finding the email irrelevant.


Learn about the impact of email personalization by looking at benchmarks gathered from analyzing 312.4 Million B2C emails sent across the USA and Canada.

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