The State of Mobile Gaming in India

  • Uncover the evolution of Mobile Gaming behavior 2021-2022, ranging from Overall Installs, Stickiness, Revenue (IAA and IAP) trends, and more!
  • Discover the most common and key challenges faced by Mobile Gaming brands today
  • Explore the importance of Push & InApp in Mobile Gaming engagement strategies
  • Find out exactly how your brand can succeed using ASO and Customer Engagement Platforms
  • Dive into actionable strategies that your brand can implement today to gain competitive edge in the Mobile Gaming Industry in India
Access findings from 100+ Mobile Gaming Brands across Casual, Hyper-casual, and Real-money apps to stay ahead of the curve in 2023

The Mobile Gaming industry in India is growing at an unprecedented rate

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India has got a large audience that is very interested in gaming. So even from an industry perspective, we’ve seen a lot of traction being garnered. Additionally, there are a lot more opportunities available now, versus what it used to be ten years back.

Tejas Shah
Head of Growth & Distribution , Games2Win

But there is an underlying trend...

From the data we gathered from over 100+ Mobile Gaming brands that are AppsFlyer and AppTweak customers, we observed that retaining users in the long run, still seems to be a major issue. This can be seen across the three key sub-segments of mobile gaming, i.e., casual, hyper-casual, and real money gamings apps, and boils down to ineffective customer engagement.


After we switched to the insights-led strategy, players enjoyed engaging with our platform even more! Every communication a player receives from our platform adds value, so they know we get them and trust the app even more. And the best part, using MoEngage, we can automate most of the manual tasks now.

Senior Team Lead, CRM, Classic Rummy

So how do gaming brands go about tackling these pertinent issues?

It all boils down to their customer engagement tech stacks. The lack of an effective marketing analytics tool is a significant hindrance in monetizing games because developers are unable to analyze customer behavior and identify opportunities to improve their customer retention strategy. Customer Engagement Platforms (CEPs) help marketers make sense of relevant consumer insights and provide intelligent analytics and powerful segmentation capabilities to create personalized customer journeys.

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Access findings from 100+ Mobile Gaming Brands across Casual, Hyper-casual, and Real-money apps to stay ahead of the curve in 2023!

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Why should your mobile gaming brand choose a CEP like MoEngage?

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Want to step into 2023 with actionable learnings to create bespoke engagement strategies for your mobile gaming brand?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this report for and why should you read it?

If your job roles fall in any of the following buckets: CXO, VP, Analysts, and Managers from Marketing, Product, CRM, and Growth teams; and you are responsible for driving engagement and retention for your gaming customers, this report is for you!

The report will help you understand the importance of having the right engagement platforms by your side to enable repeat usage and building long-term customer loyalty.

What are some of the most effective channels that mobile gaming brands need to utilize efficiently to engage their customer?

Push and InApp are objectively the keys to cracking customer engagement when it comes to the mobile gaming industry. Short, personalized, and alluring communications like Push and In-app are a sure-shot way to increase your gaming apps’ sessions, DAUs as well as MAUs.

Is there a need for mobile gaming brands to look for a more holistic tools for their customer engagement requirements?

Short answer: Yes, absolutely.
Over the course of 2021-2022, mobile gaming brands across the board saw a massive jump in users engaging with their apps. The reason being: virality propelled by COVID. This spike in user engagement, though, seems to have been very short-lived and points to a larger takeaway: mobile gaming brands haven’t been able to retain this spike, and the overall usage seems to have dipped again. This signifies the scope for better re-engagement and retention. Customer Engagement Platforms, or CEPs, step in here and help gaming brands by using actionable data to create personalized journeys for your customers by providing intelligent analytics and powerful segmentation capabilities. Therefore, leading to better engagement and higher retention rates.