Your coins from the red envelope are disappearing

Fill up the form to receive the promised Coins of Protection

Fill up the form to receive the promised Coins of Protection
MoEngage is your modern-day
Li Xi
Ang Pao
, ensuring your brand not just survives but thrives!
Brands that moved to MoEngage observed
uplift in revenue
increase in ROI
uplift in customer engagement
improved conversion rate
boost in customer retention
accelerated growth
Every coin, a story
Every story, an engaging strategy

A long time ago, a bad demon would terrorize children while they slept; One New Year, a child was given eight coins to play with to keep him awake, but he couldn’t keep his eyes open and eventually fell asleep with the coins on his pillow.

The demon appeared, but as he went to touch the child, the coins (actually the Eight Immortal Deities in disguise) produced a powerful light that drove the demon away.

And thus, the tradition of red envelopes was born, symbolizing good luck, prosperity, and protection from harm.

Similarly, brands must overcome their
Customer Engagement Demons
by protecting themselves with the best customer engagement solution
High Customer Churn
Ineffective Segmentation
Low App Engagement
Inconsistent Experience
Unsuccessful Campaigns
Poor Personalization
Get Your Coins
Use them to fight your Customer Engagement Demons
Our integration experience with MoEngage has been extremely smooth. The local team is very diligent and supportive, helping us with quick resolution on all our queries.
Trung Luong
Director of Technology
We enjoy using a technologically great tool like MoEngage! Their team is very receptive to our needs and have even helped us develop new ideas and strategies for growth!
Arrif Ziaudeen
MoEngage works as a multichannel CRM tool, offers a solution for CDP, and supports real-time messaging & analytics, with seamless integration process and extensive support.
Khairold Safri Ibrahim
Head of Digital Insights & Strategy
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