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Crafting the perfect engagement campaigns to delight your customers is an iterative process. With MoEngage, you can iterate and grow faster by avoiding the guesswork and bottlenecks - Whether it’s improving your message delivery rates or letting our AI Engine, Sherpa, automatically figure out the right message and the right time to send it.

  • Onboard

  • Retain

  • Grow

Fail-proof your funnel

  • Onboard

    Reach and activate more customers. Overcome domain reputation, network, device, and OS restrictions to improve delivery rates of your email & push notifications.

    optimize and onboard customers
  • Retain

    Craft multiple messages or offers for different customer segments. Carry out A/B or Multivariate tests to identify what resonates the most with your customers.

    optimize and retain customers
  • Grow

    Avoid guesswork and grow customer lifetime value faster. Let Sherpa, our AI Engine automatically optimize your campaigns. Sherpa will figure out the best message variant and the best time to send for different customer segments.

    optimize and grow customers

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    Maximize your Reach and Engagement

    AI-driven Auto Optimization

    In a Multivariate campaign, our AI Engine, Sherpa, learns the performance of each variant in real time and automatically sends the best variant to customers when they’re most likely to convert.


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