PetFlow uses web push notifications to boost declining
email engagement, drive in-store traffic

About PetFlow

PetFlow, a leading retail brand of specialty pet food and supplies offers 10,000
products including food, treats, toys, bedding, accessories and health supplies.
All with convenient auto-ship options.

The Problem

PetFlow observed a consistent decline in the amount of engagement their customers and prospects had with email. That was a big concern for Petflow's most powerful channel - especially when the cost to acquire new customers was on the rise and retaining existing customers was a necessary activity

The Solution

Recognizing that relying solely on email as an engagement channel wasn’t sustainable, Andrea and team turned to an emerging new channel - web push notifications. Web push (also called browser push) notifications are being adopted by media brands who use it to push out breaking news alerts. Andrea recognized few online retailers were leveraging it.

What they say About Us

"By automatically identifying optimum delivery times for our messaging on a per-user basis, Sherpa has empowered our small team to drive consumers from the web into local stores in their communities. Since implementing MoEngage, we’ve seen a 7% increase in engagement within targeted segments."


Learn How MoEngage helped PetFlow to drive in-store traffic and boost engagement