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Communicate to an Audience of One

AI-driven segmentation engine, that automatically splits your customers into micro-groups based on their behavior. Now you can delight every customer with highly personalized offers, recommendations, alerts, and updates.

  • Onboard

  • Retain

  • Grow

Precision targeting at every step

  • Onboard

    Group customers by acquisition channels, demographics, location, and other attributes. Design onboarding paths for each group and activate your customers quickly, with highly relevant and contextual messages.

    segment and onboard customers
  • Retain

    Leverage predictive algorithms that analyzes customer behavior and groups them into buckets such as “Loyal”, “Churn Risk”, “Potential loyalists”, “Needs attention”, and more. Quickly identify churn risk customers and retain them.

    segment and retain customers
  • Grow

    Design omni-channel campaigns to grow your customers and move them from “Churn risk” towards “Loyal”. Measure campaign impact and understand how many loyal customers have been earned.

    segment and grow customers

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MoEngage helped us bring in automation for some very crucial activities while allowing us to map customer behavior across our app. After utilizing Analytics, it has become easier to understand our customers— their interests and intentions. We are able to implement data-backed campaigns.

Fanky Mulia

Fanky Mulia

VP Group Product, Blibli

Segment customers to a micro level

Group your customers based on their behavior, automatically

Group your customers into categories such as loyal, promising, at risk, and so on based on their behavior. Use MoEngage predictive models to identify customers who are likely to respond to promotions.


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