Viu Uplifts App Engagement With Intelligent Video Recommendations Using AI

About Viu

Viu is the leading over-the-top Video Service provider in emerging markets such as
India, Indonesia, Egypt, UAE, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia. With over 10mn+ users on the app,
Viu is the go-to source for streaming everything from popular tv series to movies.

The Problem

Viu was looking for a way to reach more app users with intelligent and personalized video recommendations, boost video viewership, and reduce app user churn.

The Solution

MoEngage AI (dubbed Sherpa), Push Amplification, and Dynamic Product Messaging features were a right fit for Viu to meet their challenges head-on. MoEngage solutions helped Viu reach more users with intelligent video recommendations on the app boosting engagement and reducing churn.

What they say About Us

"With MoEngage AI-powered Push Delivery Engine, we were able to increase our reach. This combined with Dynamic Content Optimization ensured optimum engagement and maximum conversions."

What is Dynamic Product Messaging?

Through a combination of catalog inputs and user-tracking,
Dynamic Product Messaging sends the most relevant product
recommendations to users, automatically.


Learn How MoEngage helped Viu increase video viewership