Leading Brands Worldwide Use MoEngage to Drive Results
Get all Customer Data in One Place with Unique Customer Profiling

  • Gather all customer information from web, app, offline sources, and other platforms and collect it at one place to get a single view of each customer profile.
  • Under each customer profile, you can get a holistic view of customer data, like the customer’s name, product preferences, previous payments, staff members they’ve interacted with in the past, and so on. This will help you get insights and launch campaigns to strengthen customer interactions.
  • Collect information about how you interact with customers to improve marketing, enrich customer interactions, strengthen customer relationships, drive sales, and provide better customer service.
  • Ensure that your brand’s customer relationship management efforts go seamlessly. Use the data collected to run targeted campaigns based on your customers’ demographic and behavioral data, custom attributes, channel reachability and more.

Unlock Rich, Actionable Insights from Customer Data

  • Combine the customer data gathered with our insights-led engagement approach to dive deeper into consumer insights and build customer interactions.
  • Get AI-driven insights on customer journeys, smart segmentation, analytics, strategy, and execution of campaigns with our CRM software. Use these insights to increase your brand’s customer engagement.
  • Accurately map the consumer journey and identify friction points at each stage using the funnel analysis feature offered by MoEngage.

Use Dynamic Data to Build Personalized Campaigns

  • Make your customer relationship management efforts stronger with hyper-personalized campaigns launched across different channels and touchpoints with the help of an adequate CRM system.
  • Send contextual and relevant communication based on your customers’ preferences, likes, dislikes and behavior.
  • Make every campaign scalable and support various aspects of the campaign, from concept to delivery across different geographies in different vernacular languages effectively.

Power Your CRM Strategies with Intelligent Segmentation

  • CRM tools are equipped to handle curated segmentation at scale. You can segment your customers based on their purchase patterns, interactions across their lifecycle, browsing behavior, etc.
  • Combine the powers of quantitative customer data and behavioral data and segregate customers into targeted segments with RFM and Affinity segmentation.
  • Launch specific campaigns for particular segments based on where the customers are in their journey and drive customer interaction.

Optimize Customer Success With Marketing Automation

  • Enable workflows, service level agreements (SLAs), and tickets when problems occur, to assist your customer service teams in maximizing customer success initiatives and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Stitch together solutions from different silos to create a cohesive flow and focus on efforts that help in the sales process and strengthen customer retention.
  • Simplify data interpretation to help sales teams concentrate on leads.


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Leverage the Power of Our CRM Platform
All customer data in one profile

Unify rich customer data in a single customer profile

Omnichannel Marketing Stack

Strengthen CRM system with omnichannel marketing

Facilitate Long-term Relations

Personalize at scale and keep customer relationships thriving

Insights-led Analytics

Power CRM efforts with AI-powered analytics

Stay Future-ready with Predictive Segmentation

CRM tool equipped with predictive segmentation capabilities

Reduced Effort With AI Automation

Let AI take care of execution while you dive deeper into customer psyche

Our Customer Stories

Here’s how MoEngage helped brands connect with their consumers and maintain long-term relationships.

Landmark Group
How JibJab Achieved A 30% Boost in Happy Customers with Personalized Push Notifications

With thousands of fun templates to choose from, JibJab was struggling to capitalize during their busiest time. They needed to scale their customer engagement efforts and improve conversions, most specifically around special holidays and birthdays.


Through MoEngage’s User Path Analysis, JibJab got a birds-eye view of customers’ different paths and was able to deep-dive into the steps taken from one activity to another They mapped active and dorment paths to find various customer drop-offs across the user journey, eventually helping the team navigate the best paths to engage customers.


Increase in CTR through Personalization


Lift in Conversion with IPO


Increase in CTR using Best Time to Send

Landmark Group
MoEngage has helped Landmark Group take its automation game to the next level, allowing the retail brand to improve customer engagement across the group's apps, sites, and other real estate.
The Problem

For White Wednesday Sale 2019, Landmark Group wanted to encourage app purchases and improve app conversions.

MoEngage Solution

The brand employed MoEngage Push Notifications along with DPM to attract and engage existing app customers while reaching out to more customers.


Uplift in Purchases


Retention Rate of Subscribers and Purchases

1Weather, Top-rated U.S. Weather App, Scales Mobile User Engagement by 3X
The Problem

1Weather followed the basic user engagement practices for regular weather updates. However, the brand observed lower page sessions within the app due to no re-engagement campaigns.

MoEngage Solution

1Weather was able to understand users' app behavior and location preferences using MoEngage Analytics. This helped the brand in increasing the app opens and overall engagement rate.

25 Million

Incremental app opens


Increase in CTRs

S’More Achieves 65% Uplift in the App Engagement Time with Personalized Customer Experiences
Business Need

With more than 300K customers, S’More needed a way to build better relationships with their customers through improved onboarding and re-engagement campaigns.

MoEngage Solution

The brand's marketing team enhanced customer onboarding and personalized communications across Push notifications, Emails, and SMS channels using the MoEngage platform.


Uplift in the App Engagement Time


Higher Onboarding Completions

Popular U.S. Bridalwear Brand Cocomelody Boosts Repurchase Rates by 27%
The Problem

Over a period of time, Cocomelody observed steep user drop-offs at various stages of the purchasing journey. Similarly, their ads’ conversion rates were not growing, which impacted their overall ROAS (return on online ad spend).

MoEngage Solution

Cocomelody’s team decided to employ MoEngage platform to centralize data from physical boutiques and its website to understand where and why customers are dropping off. Also, strategized to offer personalized engagement across channels based on the aggregated analysis.


Increase in repurchase rate


Boost in return on online ad spend (ROAS)

OYO Boosts Push Notification Delivery by 44% Using MoEngage
The Problem

The delivery rate of Chinese OEMs such as MI devices was abysmally low. As the overall adoption of Xiaomi devices grew, OYO had to find ways to increase the delivery rate for Xiaomi devices.

MoEngage Solution

OYO employed MoEngage's Push Amplification™ Plus to improve its push delivery rate while personalizing messaging to send offers and discounts to users based on their app usage.


Increase in delivery rates for Xiaomi Devices


Uplift in overall push notification campaign delivery rates

Enterprise-Equipped Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform

Industry-Grade Data Security Compliance

Security first culture with SSO, 2FA, SOC-2 compliance. This includes GDPR, CCPA Compliance, Workflow Approvals, and Access controls such as Single Sign-on and Two-factor Authentication.

Full-Stack Solution for Accelerated Growth

Get global assistance, impeccable white glove support, access to in-depth information, and AI automation with our full-stack CRM solution.

Access to all CRM services at your fingertips

Collaborate with our robust partner ecosystem to build an omnichannel stack that helps you connect with millions of customers at the same time.

Frequently asked questions

What is a CRM platform?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is one which helps a company keep a record of all communication and customer interactions in a comprehensive way. A good CRM platform helps brands maintain thriving customer relationships, measure sales pipeline, help in sales force automation, and simplify business processes in a cohesive way. If a brand is looking to build a good CRM system for its sales team, it should look at a holistic solution that offers customer relationship management solutions and also has customer engagement capabilities.

What is the role of customer relationship management?

Customer relationship management is a set of processes meant to help brands measure and analyze customer data, interactions, and communications throughout their lifecycle in such a way that it can be utilized for business growth. Combined with a customer engagement solution like MoEngage, brands can get rich, actionable insights from CRM efforts and leverage them to build engaging campaigns that customers relate with, resulting in increased customer retention and revenue growth.

How will a CRM platform benefit my brand?

A good CRM software can help you grow your business in a myriad of ways:

  • It can help your brand enhance customer relationships by understanding your customers better through rich insights from cohesive customer data. You can use the data gathered to send personalized communication to each customer and maintain long-lasting relationships.
  • A good CRM tool can help your sales team generate pipeline with the help of valuable insights and increase sales productivity.
  • You can deploy hyper-personalized and engaging campaigns to particular consumer segments based on where they are in their journey using powerful personalization and segmentation capabilities offered by good customer relationship management software.
  • You can provide impeccable customer support with 24/7 assistance and quick redressal.

What is a good CRM platform?

A CRM platform should be a combination of multiple features, like:

Rich Customer Data: A good CRM platform should be able to collect rich customer data and provide a unified view of it.

Analytics: In addition to gathering customer data, you should be able analyse it, measure and dissect it to get rich customer insights about their behavior, purchase patterns, preferences ,and more.

Collaboration: Look for work management capabilities and and seamless collaboration within large teams if you’re looking for an enterprise-grade CRM platform.

AI Automation: A good customer relationship management solution should be equipped with AI automation capabilities that can help you reduce manual effort, increase the speed of delivery from days to minutes and help you target your campaigns pointedly.

MoEngage is one of the best CRM tools to offer a comprehensive marketing stack with CRM and customer engagement capabilities. You can leverage insights-led analytics, omnichannel marketing, systemic workflows, and automation with AI Sherpa to build your CRM processes.

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