Leading Brands Worldwide Use MoEngage to Drive Results
Personalize and Segment Cross Channel Campaigns With Ease

  • Build rich customer profiles based on gender, location, attributes, and behavior
  • Investigate customer journeys to create contextual cross channel marketing strategies
  • Slice and dice customer data, drive a 2x increase in conversions, and develop deeper customer relationships

Automate Contextual Messages in Real-Time

  • Skyrocket revenue by delivering seamless experiences across all channels
  • Fine-tune communication based on your customer behavior and attributes
  • Strategize campaigns that improve customer retention
  • Automate delivery with Flows that connects in-app, mobile, and website to deliver personalized experiences without manual intervention

Build Smart Cross Channel Campaigns Using AI-Powered Sherpa

  • Improve campaign performance by 22% with Sherpa
  • Reach your customers via the right channels at the right time
  • Win back disengaged customers with optimized campaigns, reduce churn and keep your low-risk customers happy and engaged

Create Seamless Experiences With SDK and API Integrations

  • Use SDK integrations to connect other apps with MoEngage for your cross channel marketing campaigns across the mobile app, website, and other channels
  • Use APIs and webhooks to enhance personalization across online and offline channels
  • Retain customers and optimize campaigns from a single source of truth

Improve Engagement with Best Time to Send and Most Preferred Channels

  • Take the guesswork out of your cross channel marketing campaign with the “Best Time to Send” and “Most Preferred Channel” features. 
  • Reduce your customer efforts by half and learn from the customer data
  • Optimize cross channel marketing to reach customers at the best time via their most preferred marketing channels


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We grow with you. Today, we help brands deliver personalized engagement across channels securely and reliably to 1/7th of the world's population every month.

Achieve Results at a Massive Scale

Create engaging micro-moments for customers across all channels and touchpoints

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Monthly active users profiled
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Brands around the world
Cross Channel Marketing Solutions Offered By MoEngage
Maximise Reach

Tap into all communication channels your customers use

Right Time, Right Channel

Send messages at the right time, to the most preferred channel


Segment your customers based on their preferences

Insights-led engagement

Engage every consumer using our AI-powered analytics

Personalize At Scale

Deliver personalized experiences based on consumer behavior

Automation at Every Stage

Create automated workflows to achieve optimum results

Brands That Scaled Up With MoEngage

Here’s how MoEngage helped brands connect with their consumers and drive better results with cross channel solutions.

Landmark Group
Airtel Xstream
Future Group’s
How JibJab Achieved A 30% Boost in Happy Customers with Personalized Push Notifications

With thousands of fun templates to choose from, JibJab was struggling to capitalize during their busiest time. They needed to scale their customer engagement efforts and improve conversions, most specifically around special holidays and birthdays.


Through MoEngage’s User Path Analysis, JibJab got a birds-eye view of customers’ different paths and was able to deep-dive into the steps taken from one activity to another They mapped active and dorment paths to find various customer drop-offs across the user journey, eventually helping the team navigate the best paths to engage customers.


Increase in CTR through Personalization


Lift in Conversion with IPO


Increase in CTR using Best Time to Send

Landmark Group
MoEngage has helped Landmark Group take its automation game to the next level, allowing the retail brand to improve customer engagement across the group's apps, sites, and other real estate.
The Problem

For White Wednesday Sale 2019, Landmark Group wanted to encourage app purchases and improve app conversions.

MoEngage Solution

The brand employed MoEngage Push Notifications along with DPM to attract and engage existing app customers while reaching out to more customers.


Uplift in Purchases


Retention Rate of Subscribers and Purchases

1Weather, Top-rated U.S. Weather App, Scales Mobile User Engagement by 3X
The Problem

1Weather followed the basic user engagement practices for regular weather updates. However, the brand observed lower page sessions within the app due to no re-engagement campaigns.

MoEngage Solution

1Weather was able to understand users' app behavior and location preferences using MoEngage Analytics. This helped the brand in increasing the app opens and overall engagement rate.

25 Million

Incremental app opens


Increase in CTRs

S’More Achieves 65% Uplift in the App Engagement Time with Personalized Customer Experiences
Business Need

With more than 300K customers, S’More needed a way to build better relationships with their customers through improved onboarding and re-engagement campaigns.

MoEngage Solution

The brand's marketing team enhanced customer onboarding and personalized communications across Push notifications, Emails, and SMS channels using the MoEngage platform.


Uplift in the App Engagement Time


Higher Onboarding Completions

Popular U.S. Bridalwear Brand Cocomelody Boosts Repurchase Rates by 27%
The Problem

Over a period of time, Cocomelody observed steep user drop-offs at various stages of the purchasing journey. Similarly, their ads’ conversion rates were not growing, which impacted their overall ROAS (return on online ad spend).

MoEngage Solution

Cocomelody’s team decided to employ MoEngage platform to centralize data from physical boutiques and its website to understand where and why customers are dropping off. Also, strategized to offer personalized engagement across channels based on the aggregated analysis.


Increase in repurchase rate


Boost in return on online ad spend (ROAS)

OYO Boosts Push Notification Delivery by 44% Using MoEngage
The Problem

The delivery rate of Chinese OEMs such as MI devices was abysmally low. As the overall adoption of Xiaomi devices grew, OYO had to find ways to increase the delivery rate for Xiaomi devices.

MoEngage Solution

OYO employed MoEngage's Push Amplification™ Plus to improve its push delivery rate while personalizing messaging to send offers and discounts to users based on their app usage.


Increase in delivery rates for Xiaomi Devices


Uplift in overall push notification campaign delivery rates

Airtel Xstream
How Airtel Xstream achieved their North Star Metrics for Growth using MoEngage
What was the challenge?

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed content consumption from static to dynamic. Consumers across geographies are more alert now and need a consistent and continuous feed of information and entertainment.

How was it solved?

The growth and content teams at Airtel Xstream understood this shift and with the help of MoEngage, segmented their users and served real-time notifications of Live News, Cricket, Shows, and E-Sports.


conversion rate from in-app interstitials


user retention rate on mobile apps

Ahamove Sees over 14X Conversions after Partnering with MoEngage
Business Challenge

The challenge was in data getting stuck in silos and integrating campaigns under one platform for all 3 of their business units and automating functions and processes across teams.


Using MoEngage, Ahamove seamlessly built automation processes without any constraints in time and integrated their business units and their third-party engagement and retention tools into one platform. This saw a significant increase in overall performance.


Increase in Monthly Traffic


Increase in Push Notifications Delivery

Future Group’s
Future Group’s Wallet App Future Pay Boosts Active Userbase by 20%
The Problem

The Future Pay app’s product team was not able to track clicks on various stores' banners within the app. They couldn’t measure the conversions on these stores' pages either. However, the team was positive that they were driving a competent number of conversions for Future Group stores.

MoEngage Solution

The Future’s team utilized MoEngage’s Analytics to understand user’s app activity, funnel flow, and overall engagement on the discount banners. Then leveraged these insights to segment users and create engagement campaign workflows.


Increase in conversions (purchases)


Increase in overall traffic

Accelerate Growth with Enterprise-Ready Cross Channel Marketing Platform

Future Proof and Compliance Proof for Maximum Security

Compliant with SSO, 2FA, and SOC-2 ensures security and safety. This includes GDPR, CCPA Compliance, Workflow Approvals, and Access controls such as Single Sign-on and Two-factor Authentication.

Scalable and Reliable across all Marketing Channels

Flexible and easy-to-use APIs, SDKs, and Webhooks – this cross channel marketing software is built for seamless collaboration and automation. Being device and channel-agnostic, MoEngage is built to handle scale without latency issues and provide a consistent customer journey experience.

Next-Gen Personalization and Optimization

Classify audiences, personalize messages, A/B test your marketing campaigns. Build better relationships with your customers across channels and devices by delivering relevant customer experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cross Channel Marketing?

With the help of cross channel marketing, companies can touch base with all their customers across several channels, like iOS devices, Android devices, web apps, SMS, call center, in-store and direct email.

The purpose of cross channel marketing strategy is often not to acquire new customers but build relationships and reduce churn. However, cross channel marketing campaigns must be relevant to the customer, especially when they are in the buying stage.

What is the difference between cross channel marketing and omnichannel marketing?

In multichannel marketing, customers usually interact with a brand across various marketing channels throughout their journey. These various channels work independently of each other, and usually, customers cannot jump from one platform to another.

In cross channel marketing strategy, these different channels are all connected. The channels record information and communicate actionable insights across platforms. Marketing teams can use this to provide an integrated experience to the customer.

The marketing efforts are aligned to different channels in an omnichannel marketing strategy. Each channel works together to provide the customer with a seamless transition.

List an example of a cross channel marketing campaign.

One of the most recent examples of cross channel marketing is Starbucks’ Happy Hour Campaign.

Starbucks updated the website and their television ads and used familiar imagery and messaging style to introduce and generate interest in their ‘summer surprises’. This campaign was successful because the brand focused on promoting only a few products, limiting the time of showing the ads, creating exclusivity and excitement, and maintaining consistency across channels.

What are the advantages of cross channel marketing?

The right cross channel marketing solution will help improve customer retention, increase customer loyalty and engagement, and, therefore, better ROI. It is also said to improve marketing budget efficiencies by 15-20%. 

The right cross channel marketing campaign will:

  1. Help tyou optimize the customer journey.
  2. Help build a strong brand that develops stronger customer relationships.
  3. And lastly, boost customer engagement.

Use our cross channel marketing capabilities to connect with your customers across multiple channels, drive customer loyalty, improve ROI and develop sales pipeline.

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