What is MoEngage?

  • UPDATED: 13 December 2023
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Headquartered in San Francisco, California, MoEngage is a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) that helps marketers or product managers/owners looking to engage, reacquire, or retain customers. Consumer brands use MoEngage as a one-stop MarTech platform to keep customers engaged on multiple channels (such as mobile push, email, SMS, in-app, or WhatsApp) and multiple platforms (like mobile app and website). In other words, MoEngage is an insights-led omnichannel customer engagement platform. We care about our customers as much as you do and make every effort to ensure our platform caters to personalized customer behavior.

MoEngage has helped multiple brand personalize their marketing strategy based on user behavior.

In today’s world of overwhelming advertisements across any medium, it is important to convey clearly what you offer your customers with a touch of personalized communication. MoEngage not only helps you analyze customer behavior but also helps you through the entire customer journey, valuing customer privacy and security at the heart of everything, to ensure you communicate your offerings as transparently and effortlessly as possible.

History of MoEngage

MoEngage's journey as a Customer Engagement Platform began in 2014

Back in 2011, when founders Raviteja and Yashwanth founded DelightCircle, they realized that delivering personalized and contextual information was key to retaining and engaging customers. And therein lay a problem, or as they saw it: a solution. Traditional marketing and customer engagement platforms till that point were built for a desktop world.

Additionally, most of the then-platforms were campaign-centric and not customer-centric. The need for a platform that gave acuities about customer behavior and helped brands realize the importance of walking through the customer lifecycle along with their customers was paramount. Since we take great care of our customers, MoEngage was also built around the idea that the company will ensure you have all the instruments in your hand to empathize with your customers as well.

In a world that was getting exceedingly digital-first, it was necessary to keep your valuable customers engaged not only through all the best offerings but also through personalized content. With this philosophy in mind, MoEngage was born in 2014. With offices in San Franciso, Bengaluru, Boston, London, Berlin, Singapore, and Dubai, among others, MoEngage has emerged as one of the best platforms out there for customer retention, engagement, and acquisition.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, both in product innovation and brand philosophy. Some of MoEngage’s industry-first technologies like Push Amplification™  and Push Amplification™ Plus, first launched in 2017, have revolutionized the CEP, and, in general, the MarTech space.

Our Vision and Values

What’s a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) and Why do You Need It?

While many confuse a customer analytics tool with a CEP, they are widely different. If you are a B2C brand, the most invaluable thing your customers can give you is their attention. And when they do, it is important that brands don’t take it lightly.

A Customer Engagement Platform is a single piece of software that helps brands understand and optimize a customer’s lifecycle, right from awareness to decision. Typically, a CEP is a part of a brand’s API integrations. The platform captures data through apps or websites and provides personalized communications, which are highly contextual for customers across channels (email, social media, mobile apps).

Additionally, the CEP pushes for AI-based segmentation and retention analysis to ensure that a customer’s journey is not just about educating them about a product but also helping them understand the solution it offers for a customer’s problem. Based on a customer’s usage behavior, a good CEP can give you recommendations on how to run your campaigns, help with cross-channel marketing and help you optimize performance.

Omni Channel Marketing MoEngage
How MoEngage CEP helps in customer engagement!

A great CEP, however, is a full-stack solution that can do all of the above and give you actionable insights on how to bring down your churn rate by giving you in-depth analysis, customizable functions, heavy personalization, and omnichannel marketing features. All these, while making the integration easy with other tools in the stack. This is one of the reasons why brands trust and rely on us.

What Does MoEngage Offer?

As a SaaS company, MoEngage has been vetted by the best.

As a CEP, MoEngage offers a wide range of capabilities to help you deliver your messages across multiple channels. A complete full-stack solution consisting of email marketing, in-app messaging, web push notifications, SMS, and a lot more, as a company, MoEngage understands that modern brands need high engagement to retain their customers.

Using proprietary and innovative technology, MoEngage, as a company, has taken AI to a whole new level to enhance customer engagement to a level. Some of our key offerings are:


Customer Insights and Analytics

MoEngage offers one of the most comprehensive and powerful customer analytics and insights platforms there is in the MarTech space. Not only will marketers enjoy the most advanced omnichannel engagement marketing platform but with MoEngage’s in-built analytics, you can get a complete picture of your customer’s entire onboarding journey and where they are dropping off.

We believe that customer experience is just as important as customer engagement. That is why the MoEngage dashboard leaves nothing to chance or intuition when it comes to customer analysis. Without drowning in a lot of irrelevant data, you can find out why you have a churn and how to improve your conversion rate with the most advanced analytics that promises to enhance your product adoption.

Additionally, the MoEngage platform offers in-depth segmentation across demographics, technographics, psychographics and so much more. This, coupled with in-built retention analysis is designed to ensure you never have a poor campaign performance ever again!

Customer Journey Orchestration

It is not enough to just offer an in-depth analysis. As a modern-day marketer, you also need to club your customers into related micro-groups based on this analysis and their behavior. This ensures highly personalized, contextual, and relevant offers and products.

MoEngage not only helps you to group customers by attributes like demography, location, or age but also offers complete customization to help you build your own segments and filter groups based on your marketing strategy. You can also create easy drag-and-drop user flows on the dashboard.

MoEngage’s platform helps marketers visualize and improve LTV by providing a deeper understanding through RFM and Affinity Segments. Personalize how you want to create customer segments, get insights, craft great experiences based on these insights, and analyze how you can engage and retain your customers better.

Omnichannel Communication

In a digital-first world, it is not enough to push your best offers through a single channel like email or website notifications. If you are truly looking for a guide to omnichannel marketing for a robust marketing campaign, MoEngage’s capabilities should help you drive all your marketing strategies.

Beyond the conventional channels of marketing (email campaigns, onsite messaging, in-app messaging, cards) MoEngage also provides some novel channels that are truly industry firsts. Push Amplification, a MoEngage-pioneered technology, improves Push notification deliverability on Android devices in Asia.

MoEngage helps brands and companies deliver their messages about their product/products across any platform and through any channel.

AI-Powered Campaign Optimization

At the heart of MoEngage’s tech is cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, which has helped the company be the market leader it is today. Some of our tech capabilities have helped brands enrich customer experiences and enabled stellar campaign performances.

For example, Sherpa, MoEngage’s proprietary AI engine, automatically figures out the right message variant and the right time to send to every customer based on behavioral analytics. It even picks the right channel through which your retention will be the most without experiencing churn.

MoEngage also launched Dynamic Product Messaging, which redefined marketing automation. Built on the company’s proprietary Sherpa Interaction Graph, as one of MoEngage’s co-founders Raviteja puts it, it is “designed to help businesses communicate relevant products from their catalog based on customer’s browsing history through push notifications (app/web) and emails.”

Personalize customer journey across all types of funnel and truly engage with your customers. Analyze what can be better and let us recommend the best inisghts.
Data is good, insights are better!

Why Is MoEngage So Popular?

As a robust AI-driven product, MoEngage has been consistently considered one of the best Customer Engagement Platforms in the market. Gartner ranks MoEngage as one of the leading Mobile Marketing Platforms out there.

Apart from Gartner, MoEngage has been recognized by other leading industry awards as well!

Be it email marketing, in-app messaging or any other channel for your product, MoEngage has been recognised for all of them!


Data is Good. Insights are Better!

While we are crazy about data, we, at MoEngage, realize that just being data-oriented cannot serve our customers, if this data is not action-oriented. Data must be backed with great acuities, and that is what our artificial intelligence aims for! Marketing teams using a marketing automation platform makes little sense if that automation does not lead to desirable outcomes. With MoEngage, throw that intuitive approach away and learn to trust decisions backed with data!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does MoEngage work?

MoEngage, founded in 2014, is an insights-led Customer Engagement Platform. In common parlance, it is a MarTech automation platform, that helps organizations engage with their customers better across multiple channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp, mobile push etc.

Is MoEngage a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

No, MoEngage is not a CDP platform, but rather a CEP. Although there are a few overlaps, they cater to different outcomes. You can learn more about their difference here.

Is MoEngage a CRM?

No, MoEngage is a CEP and not a CRM.

Why use MoEngage?

Organizations that want to retain and engage their customers, should use MoEngage to ensure that they can act on actionable insights to improve their customer engagement.

What is a Customer Engagement Platform?

A Customer Engagement Platform is a single piece of software that helps a company understand and optimize a customer’s lifecycle, right from awareness to decision.