SMS Marketing for Omnichannel Success

Get greater reach and engagement by integrating
SMS into your Omnichannel marketing strategy

Win with personalized SMS marketing

  • Promote

  • Retarget

  • Notify

  • Re-activate

  • Integrate

  • Transact

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Run offers, promotions, discount codes, contests, and more to boost conversions using SMS marketing.

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Use dynamic messaging technology to deliver behavior-based product recommendations and bring users back to your app or website.

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Notify users about milestones, appointments, loyalty points, due dates and more.

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Reach users who have uninstalled your app and encourage them to re-install with personalized offers.

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Include SMS in your omnichannel marketing strategy and create integrated experiences for customers across email, mobile, and web.

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Alert users about transactional and time-critical information like sale receipts, reward points, delivery status, bank balances, service status and more.

Why MoEngage for SMS Marketing?


Drive better engagement with personalized recommendations powered by MoEngage's proprietary Dynamic Messaging capabilities. Optimize message delivery time for maximum engagement with MoEngage's Sherpa AI Engine.

Smart Triggers

Perfectly Timed Messages

Deliver perfectly timed and personalized messages. Create behavioral triggers which run in real-time (or) after some minutes/ hours/days.

Offer a Seamless Experience

Complete the experience. Send users to a specific page on your app or website and not just the home screen for a faster shopping experience.

Deep Link

Track and Report

Track key metrics such as the number of SMSes sent, delivered, clicks, conversions and more to evaluate campaign performance.

Easy Integration with Multiple SMS Vendors

Have a preferred SMS vendor? We have easy integrations with Gupshup, Solutionsinfini, Nexmo, Twilio and more.

Want to integrate SMS into your omnichannel strategy?

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