The Role of Email Localization and More in Building Personalized Customer Experiences

  • UPDATED: 14 July 2023
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Personalization and localization are essential for customer engagement, retention, empathy, and loyalty. It allows businesses to make each customer’s experience unique based on their likes and dislikes. This helps customers feel they are being listened to and their needs are being addressed.

Have you given any thought to how many messages you get every day? They are different: SMS, push notifications, emails, and messages. This is why branded emails are so easy to miss among all the other information. And even if your potential customer sees your message, there’s no guarantee they’ll click through.

But just by showing your appreciation for the customers right in the subject line and using their language to greet them, you can drive more opens and clicks.

Localization of emails, SMS, and other notifications is an excellent way to reach consumers directly and is often used as part of omnichannel strategies. With the help of localization, customers can be immediately added to M-Commerce sales channels. It is also helpful for making B2C communication more personal. So let’s discuss in detail why it is crucial to localize SMS, emails, and other notifications and how you can do it with the help of MoEngage and Crowdin.

Multilingual Emails Can Increase CTR and Open Rates

Email marketing is done worldwide, so if you have a large reach/engage audience that speaks more than one language, you should translate your messages to increase engagement, CTR, and open rates.

To help you get the most out of your email content, we’ve identified the benefits of translating emails into different languages.

1. A Higher Open Rate With the Help of Translating Emails

The average person gets more than 500 marketing emails monthly, and no one will spend hours opening each one. Hence, it’s important that your email doesn’t look like another marketing email, starting with the subject line.

One way to stand out and increase engagement is by translating emails into customers’ native languages. If they see their native language in the subject line, they are likelier to open the email than otherwise. Hence, if you write your email in the person’s native language, you can expect more opens.

2. Increase CTR in Your Email Marketing Efforts

If you’ve ever used email marketing for your business, you already know how useful this channel is. Email marketing is still one of the best ways to engage with customers. It can bring in up to $38 for every $1 spent.

Hence, it’s important you don’t just focus on open rates; but on improving your CTR as well. But can you do anything to improve this number?

Localization is an integral part of marketing because it gives customers information relevant to where they live and can be a crucial point of difference. When a visitor sees content in their native language that is also relevant, they automatically trust it, which makes it more likely that they will click through.

Email Campaigns- Hero
Increase Open Rates and Clicks with Email Localization

If you take the time to look at each of these metrics, you can find hidden problems and make localized email content more appealing, which gets consumers to engage.

Localize Push Notifications to Reach More People

Push Notifications are a crucial communication channel, and you can utilize localization here to drive more clocks. For example,

  1. Notification in French:

“Votre commande est arrivée aujourd’hui!”

  1. Notification in Spanish:

“¡Tu pedido ha llegado hoy!”

Since this kind of content has important information, you should ensure it’s easy for customers to read so that they understand all the important information. This ensures a smoother customer experience while building trust.

Drive Engagement with Localized Push Notifications

Localizing push notifications is a proven way to improve customer engagement. Customers who receive notifications in their native language are more likely to read and respond to them. Localized notifications can also help customers feel more like they belong to and are connected to a brand, leading to higher engagement levels.

Localization can help you get more subscribers, improve the product experience, and grow your app by catering to and upselling your most engaged customers.

The Effect of SMS Localization on Profit and Interaction

SMS is a great way to personalize your communication, whether you want to inform and educate your customers, find out how they feel, find out how satisfied they are, or get them more involved.

On the other hand, SMS localization can take your SMS marketing and outreach plan to the next level. SMS localization can help your business make more money and make a stronger emotional connection with its customers.

SMS localization has been shown to impact customer engagement positively. Localizing SMS messages makes sure that customers get messages in their preferred language, which makes them more likely to read the message. Also, using acronyms and jargon that are specific to a place makes the message more relevant and helps the customer feel more connected to the business. This can make customers more involved, which can help businesses build better relationships with their customers.

SMS - Deliver Perfectly-Timed SMS Messages
Drive More Clicks with SMS Localization

Use SMS localization to customize your marketing efforts so that customers get useful and valuable content that is easy to understand and use. Whether it’s a personalized offer, a discount coupon, or a promotion, your marketing efforts are more likely to succeed if your customers understand and value what you’re offering.

Common Localization Challenges

Managing email, SMS, and other notification marketing in just one language are hard enough. Managing it in more than one language is even more challenging. How, for example, will you ensure that your email campaigns reach your reach/engage the audience in many places? How will all those emails be sent on time, after being thoroughly tested, and in a way that works?

Some of the most common problems with email localization that consumers may think are hard to solve are –

  • More languages and locales cause problems with management.
  • A lack of quality control and ways to ensure it.
  • Time spent on spreadsheets, templates, and other manual content management.
  • A lack of consistency in brand voice, terminology, strategy, and more.
  • Design issues like character count and limits, right-to-left (RTL) or left-to-right (LTR) reading, and more.

All these factors make the management process more complicated. That looks like a long list; some marketing experts might be scared. This is true, though, only when businesses localize emails the old-fashioned way, by hand.

Because translation management is done by hand and the localization process can take longer than expected, the time to market is unpredictable and slow. For an accurate translation, many consumers must review and approve the content.

As a result of all of these challenges, Crowdin’s customers understand they need a platform to help them make sure the translation projects are successful:

  • Cut down on how much consumers write to each other.
  • Centralize and make it easy to manage content in multiple languages.
  • Automate processes and improve workflows to get the most important results.
  • Keeping analyze of everyone’s tasks makes it easy to run the project.
  • Translate all languages consistently and make sure they get there on time.
  • Get to market faster and avoid delays.

How to Create Emails and Other Notifications in Multiple Languages for Your Customers

Localization lets content connect with consumers in their language. Why does that work matter so much? Research shows that 75% of customers are more likely to buy goods and services when presented in their native language.

Ensure your localization strategy doesn’t have any of the above problems, which can cost you money and slow down your business. A localization management platform can help you avoid all of these problems. The LMP ensures that all the tools you use work together and everyone has access to the most up-to-date content, both in its original language and in its translated form. It can also automate specific tasks, save time, and lower project costs.

Automating the translation process

Crowdin is localization management software that runs in the cloud. Translating your SMS, emails, and other notifications makes it faster and easier. No matter what kind of content you translate, the more routine tasks you can automate, the more time your team can spend on what’s necessary.

Crowdin lets you connect with MoEngage to give your team more power, expand your translation strategies, and avoid common localization problems. Make it easy to translate your MoEngage content. Set up the Crowdin and MoEngage integration once, define your localization workflow, and manage translations in less time.

With Crowdin and MoEngage working together, you can:

  • Synchronize your emails, SMS, and other notifications;
  • Translate them yourself or hire an agency or freelancers to do it for you;
  • Sync back translations to MoEngage;
  • And then use emails, SMS, and other notifications in multiple languages.

The Crowdin Editor brings together all the information translation teams might need while working on the content. There are suggestions from the MT and TM engines, comments, search, filters, context, a preview of the file, and terms. Everything was in one place. Here is an example of a localized birthday email. You can also see how your email will look in another language and find the best translation methods.

Example of Email Localization (Crowdin Dashboard)

Easy synchronization of content

The app that links your email marketing tool, MoEngage, to a localization platform, like Crowdin, makes it easy to sync the source files with the ones that have been translated. How does it work? There is no need to export source content or copy and paste translations manually. Just click “Sync to” and keep working.

Setting Up Crowdin and MoEngage Integration

Use both machine and human translations to get better results

Machine Translation (MT) is a big help to consumers who translate. Most of the time, the localization process goes faster when translators edit the translations a machine suggests. Crowdin connects to the most popular machine translation engines like Microsoft Translator, Google Translate, and DeepL Translate.

You can set up the engine you want to use by hand or start an automated pre-translation with MT. A team of human translators can also review these translations and fix them if needed. Machine translations can also be shown as suggestions in the editor to help your translators.

To Sum Up

With all these reasons why your email marketing needs to be translated, it is clear that you must find a good platform for localizing your MoEngage content. Take advantage of market opportunities by not translating your email content immediately.

MoEngage and Crowdin integration is made to help you send notifications and manage customer communication across different channels, such as notifications, SMS, in-app messaging, and email. This integration is easy to set up and lets you send messages that stand out without doing any development work.