iOS 12 Push Notifications: What’s Changed and Why It’s a Good Thing

iOS 12 push notifications

Early this month, Apple unveiled several key enhancements to iOS 12 with push notifications being the centerpiece. The changes are aimed at giving users more control over notifications, reducing clutter, and improve the push messaging experience overall. Most importantly, the changes raise the bar for marketers while engaging users through push notifications in the future.   Below, […]

Introducing Real-time Triggers and Exit Intent Notifications

Priscilla, while shopping, starts adding items to the shopping cart only to be distracted by a kitten playing next to her. She promptly forgets about whatever it is she was thinking of buying, plays with the kitten for a while, then exits the app.

Like Priscilla, nearly 77% of your users exit the app without completing a purchase. However, it is the onus of marketers to identify users like Priscilla and engage with them in these mobile-moments to bring them back and complete the transaction.


However, engaging users in REAL-TIME during their micro-moments is hard. Limitations in technology and connectivity issues typically crutch marketers’ efforts to reach users in time, affecting engagement.

These are some of the concerns marketers share with us in our conversations. At MoEngage, we make these concerns our own.

In our quest to help marketers better their chances at converting mobile app users, we have created Real-time Triggers.

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