[Infographic] The Upside Down of Marketing Automation

  • UPDATED: 21 July 2023
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There’s hysteria over the 4th of July – we’re all waiting for the arrival of the third season of the bad-ass sci-fi thriller, Stranger Things. This Netflix show has captured global eyeballs, and achieved a new-found fandom, as viewers get intertwined with the stories of folks at the fictional town of Hawkins.

As the world awaits with bated breath for the third season of Stranger Things, we delved into some dangerous realms of our own. The Upside Down in Stranger Things – which causes horror and intrigue in the minds of the residents of Hawkins, is mostly an unknown entity. However, did you know that Marketing Automation has its own Upside Down?

Here’s an infographic that covers the horrors of marketing automation – UPSIDE DOWN!

[Infographic] The Upside Down of Marketing Automation

Personalization combined with seamless automation is the way forward for marketers. Without a foolproof combination of the two, you might be sucked into a bottomless abyss that’s the Upside Down. That’s where platforms like MoEngage can help you set your marketing right – Take a look.

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