Introducing MoEngage’s New App Marketplace!

  • UPDATED: 26 December 2022
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Crafting a winning Customer Engagement strategy requires a modern Customer Engagement stack. And with increasing customer expectations, a single or combination of a few platforms or apps is not sufficient enough to meet customers’ needs.

To keep customers engaged, businesses need to leverage different specialized apps and platforms at various stages in their journey be it for attribution, segmentation, or communication. In addition, all these apps should seamlessly integrate securely with each other and share data in real-time for end-to-end visibility.

This helps businesses get the maximum out of their customer engagement tools and provide experiences that customers resonate with.

Meet MoEngage App Marketplace

At MoEngage, we understand the importance of discovering the right set of apps and integrations that fits your needs and helps extend the usability of our platform. This is why we’re thrilled to announce, one of its kind, app marketplace for your Customer Engagement needs – MoEngage App Marketplace

Our open, secure, and valuable marketplace will allow you to discover and integrate your favorite apps all from within MoEngage itself in a few clicks. It houses trusted and leading apps from various categories, including CDPs, Analytics, Loyalty, CRM, and more.

The integration page contains all the necessary details about the app, including the type of integration it supports, its advantages, and step-by-step instructions on how you can integrate the app with MoEngage.

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Build Your Customer Engagement Stack Around MoEngage Faster and Hassle-free

Building an impactful Customer Engagement stack that grows with your business can be a very challenging and time-consuming process. Our App Marketplace helps solve the above challenges and enables marketers and product managers to –

  • Discover verified partners – Search for an application directly or discover new ones through featured and category pages.
  • Experience seamless integrations – Every partner listed on the marketplace provides seamless integration with MoEngage without needing any developer support.
  • High-quality secure and verified apps – Our integrations are rigorously tested internally and by selected customers before they’re made live.
  • Make an informed decision – We provide all the necessary information required to make an informed decision including benefits, alternatives in a certain category, and more.

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To summarize, the MoEngage App Marketplace helps extend our value by helping you discover and seamlessly integrate with a set of trusted complementary apps and build a powerful Customer Engagement stack in the process, all from within our platform.

We’re excited to make it live with multiple applications across different categories. You can check it out here.