Unlock the Value of Customer Data With the Launch of Native Warehouse Capabilities on MoEngage

  • UPDATED: 14 September 2023
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With more consumers using online channels as their primary (sometimes only) path to purchase, understanding how to orchestrate customer data and meet the increased demand for personalized digital experiences has never been more challenging.

Today’s consumer brands have access to more customer data than ever and struggle to derive value from that data. The biggest challenge with data activation is that data-siloed systems require a lot of effort and resources to maintain and manage. Many companies struggle to unify data for new insights or make data accessible and shareable to those who need it.

Increasing Use of Cloud Data Sources

Note – Cloud Data Sources includes both Cloud Data Storages (S3, SFTP, Google Cloud Storage) and Cloud Data Warehouses (Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery).

In the last decade, Cloud data sources have emerged as the single source of truth for an organization’s customer data. More and more businesses started realizing the need to get warehouse data in their sales and marketing tools for more efficient and hyper-personalized customer interactions.

Businesses are shifting to Cloud data sources because of –

  • Highly scalable
  • Increased accessibility
  • Improved security (on par with on-prem warehousing systems)

Unlock the Value of Customer Data Stored in Cloud Data Sources

Without the ability to move data as fast as the business needs, even the most engaging campaigns can fall flat. And majority of brands face significant challenges when it comes to activating data from multiple sources – high engineering dependency, long implementation cycles, and high costs.

Syncing and activating data from Cloud Data sources hassle-free has always been challenging for brands.

The good news is we have built a solution that enables you to put complex and untapped data that’s sitting in the cloud data sources directly in the hands of the marketer in just a few clicks.

Introducing Cloud Data Sync (CDS)

Cloud Data Sync allows businesses to periodically sync and activate data from their cloud data sources through an easy, fast, and secure integration. Brands can then use this data for further segmentation, targeting, and personalization. Having access to more robust and unified customer profiles through CDS can just be the start for marketers to create more powerful and engaging customer experiences.

CDS gives you the flexibility to set up and automate data sync from your cloud data sources into MoEngage. Through CDS, we now support native integrations with data warehouses like Snowflake and Cloud storage like S3 and SFTP.

How can Cloud Data Sync help your brand do more with their customer data –

  • On-demand Data Activation – This ensures that marketers need not save or copy all of their data to CEP and can activate the parts that support their use cases; It also enables the businesses to derive insights on longer time windows (cost of copying such data points) from an existing copy in their data warehouse thereby minimizing the need of higher data retention periods in CEPs as well the price of such data storage/transfer and compute in CEPs.
  • Removes dependency on data teams – There is no need to add a dependency on the data teams to bring the data from the warehouse back to your CEP using a Reverse ETL solution. Removes the need to buy and maintain a data pipeline solution like Reverse ETL.
  • Effortless Data Onboarding- It eliminates the tedious grind of getting started. All the data needed to interact with customers is already in the cloud data warehouse. MoEngage as a Warehouse Native CEP will enable businesses to get started with their tools in minutes instead of months with no dependency on engineering teams.
  • Be in a more compliant eco-system – Businesses often are paralyzed because of regulations or guidelines around the movement of sensitive data, which ironically might often be needed to make relevant engagement and unlock business. Warehouse Native CEPs have an opportunity to allow their customer to break this vicious loop. Sensitive data can securely reside in the customer’s Warehouse, while the insights can be activated using tokens (self-generated IDs) thereby providing the best possible outcome of the erstwhile dilemma.

Activate Customer Data with Snowflake and MoEngage

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform that allows organizations to store, manage, and analyze large amounts of data.

With Cloud Data Sync, marketers can seamlessly sync valuable customer data from Snowflake and utilize it to create personalized marketing campaigns and customer experiences through MoEngage.

This simple 3-step integration between MoEngage and Snowflake allows brands to –

  • Create and modify your data schema using MoEngage’s self-serve and intuitive UI, reducing dependency on their engineering teams.
  • Eliminate the need to set up complex data pipelines and the need to have dedicated reverse ETL tools, reducing the overall costs.
  • Eliminate manual data transfers – enhancing operational efficiency.

As an extension to Cloud Data Sync, we are also building Warehouse Audiences that would allow marketers to create powerful segments directly on top of the data in the Data warehouses – without the hassle of reverse ETL.

Get Ready for Warehouse Audiences (Launching Soon)

Warehouse Audiences will be a simple no-code audience builder that allows businesses to run queries directly from MoEngage on their customer data warehouse and fetch only relevant audiences. This is highly relevant for customer data, which doesn’t need to be ingested for personalization or real-time automation but is required for segmentation.

Warehouse Audiences also eliminate the need for dedicated reverse Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) pipelines – leading to faster time-to-value and cost efficiency.

With the introduction of Cloud Data Sync and Warehouse Audiences, MoEngage would be one of the first Warehouse Native Customer Engagement Platforms – thus empowering our customers with the enormous horsepower of their cloud data sources.

Final Thoughts

Allowing our customers to leverage their customer data’s full potential has always been a key area of our innovation. By adding native warehouse CEP capabilities to MoEngage it can help you move your customer data in and out of the platform easily. With this, we’ve now put powerful data directly into the hands of the marketers so they can create powerful segments and further craft enticing customer journeys.