Activate Your Warehouse Data Seamlessly With MoEngage Warehouse Audiences

  • UPDATED: 30 April 2024
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With more consumers using online channels as their primary (sometimes only) path to purchase, understanding how to orchestrate customer data and meet the increased demand for personalized digital experiences has never been more challenging.

In the last decade, data warehouses have emerged as the single source of truth for an organization’s customer data. More and more businesses started realizing the need to get warehouse data in their sales and marketing tools for more efficient and hyper-personalized customer interactions.

They’re shifting to data warehouses because of –

  • High scalability
  • Increased accessibility
  • Improved security (on par with on-prem warehousing systems)

Even with unprecedented access to customer data, consumer brands struggle to derive value, hindered by the immense effort and resources required to maintain and manage siloed data systems, unify insights, and enable data accessibility.

Unlock the Value of Customer Data Stored in Data Warehouses

Without the ability to move data as fast as the business needs, even the most engaging campaigns can fall flat. Most brands face significant challenges when it comes to –

1. Syncing Customer Data – Syncing high-volume data is a tedious and resource-intensive task, demanding significant engineering efforts and leading to prolonged implementation cycles and escalating costs.

2. Data Privacy – Data privacy is a paramount concern as consumer brands hesitate to move sensitive customer information out of their secure data warehouses, fearing potential breaches or non-compliance with stringent regulations.

The good news is we have built a solution that enables you to put complex and untapped data sitting in the data warehouses directly in the hands of the marketer in just a few clicks without the hassle of copying or moving it.

Introducing Warehouse Audiences

Warehouse Audiences empowers brands to activate their warehouse data and build audiences without the hassles of copying or moving data to MoEngage. With Warehouse Audiences, you can now access and query data real time directly in your warehouse, build audiences using that data, and fetch only the relevant audiences – eliminating the need for dedicated reverse ETL tools and reducing costs significantly.

Why Did We Build It?

Syncing data between data warehouses and engagement platforms like MoEngage can be cumbersome, costly, and delay data availability for timely engagement. Additionally, setting up pipelines requires extensive engineering resources and raises data security and compliance concerns. To overcome these challenges, we created Native Warehouse Audiences, allowing brands to activate their warehouse data directly without complex data movements or compromising data privacy.

Here’s how Warehouse Audiences can help your brand do more with their customer data –

  • Streamlined access to customer data – Warehouse Audiences allows brands to directly access and query data stored in warehouses. This eliminates the need to go through complex data syncing processes or leveraging third-party tools. Overall, this helps streamline the data access workflow, saving time and cutting operational overhead.
  • Audience creation on the fly – Warehouse Audience enables real-time access to warehouse data, eliminating delays in data availability. Brands can now generate audience segments on the fly, ensuring timely and effective engagement strategies without waiting for data sync processes to complete.
  • Enhanced data privacy and compliance – Since data remains within the secure confines of the warehouse, Warehouse Audiences mitigates concerns related to data security and regulatory compliance. This allows brands to control sensitive data, ensuring adherence to privacy regulations and industry standards.
  • Reduced Costs – Warehouse Audience eliminates the need for additional ETL tools (reverse ETL) to set up and maintain data transfer pipelines between the warehouse and MoEngage, saving extensive overhead costs. This effective solution also eliminates the cost of engineering resources for managing the data pipeline.
  • Zero engineering dependency With Warehouse Audiences, marketers can create audience segments directly from their warehouse data without relying on engineering or data teams to set up and maintain complex data sync processes, including ETL tools. This reduces engineering dependency and empowers marketing teams to quickly access data and drive targeted engagement.

Driving Business Impact Using Warehouse Audiences

By unlocking direct access to customer data residing in warehouses, Warehouse Audiences empowers brands to achieve tangible business outcomes and drive growth like the following –

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market – Real-time access to warehouse data accelerates marketing campaign deployment.
  • Maximized ROI – Cost savings and improved campaign effectiveness through timely audience segmentation.
  • Elevated Customer Satisfaction – Relevant, targeted, timely engagement that enhances customer experience.
  • Revenue Growth and Increased CLV – Faster segmentation and targeted strategies to drive marketing success.
  • Compliance Adherence – Robust data privacy measures mitigate regulatory risks and financial losses.

Unlocking the Potential of Customer Data Across Industries

Let’s explore how Warehouse Audiences empowers consumer brands across different industries –

Retail/E-commerce – Driving Customer Loyalty through Personalization

For Retail and E-commerce brands, fostering customer loyalty is paramount. By leveraging Warehouse Audiences, consumer brands can create tailored experiences for their most valuable shoppers. By combining purchase history, order value, and engagement data, retailers can segment their audience and offer exclusive discounts and personalized recommendations. This hyper-targeted approach not only strengthens customer relationships but also drives increased revenue and repeat business.

Media/OTT- Maximizing Customer Engagement Through Hypertargeting

For Media/OTT platforms, customer engagement is the lifeblood of their success, and much has to do with customer insights. For example, Warehouse Audiences empowers music streaming platforms to leverage app usage data, such as total songs played, playtime, and playlist creations, to identify their most loyal customers. By activating this data, platforms can create highly targeted segments and offer enticing membership upgrades or exclusive content. This strategic approach rewards loyal customers and incentivizes increased engagement and potential revenue growth.

BFSI- Maximizing Conversions Through Hypertargeting

In the BFSI industry, delivering tailored offerings to customers is crucial for fostering loyalty and growth. For example, with Warehouse Audiences, financial institutions can access a wealth of customer data in their data warehouses, such as transaction volumes, payment histories, and credit utilization. By leveraging this data, financial institutions can precisely segment their customer base and identify customers eligible for exclusive premium credit card offerings or certain financial products.

This targeted approach enhances the customer experience and maximizes the impact of marketing campaigns, driving increased customer acquisition and retention.

Final Thoughts

As brands accumulate and store increasing volumes of data, the significance of data warehouses deepens, emphasizing brands’ need for seamless access to this data from customer engagement platforms.

As a Warehouse Native CEP, MoEngage is revolutionizing how data is accessed and activated, empowering brands to drive highly personalized and targeted engagement directly from their warehouses. This allows brands to maximize conversions, ROI, and business growth by leveraging the full potential of their data for impactful customer engagement strategies.