[Product Update] Aggregated Stats for Periodic push campaigns, Campaign Exports

  • UPDATED: 10 February 2017
  • 2 min read

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The updates, that we launched this week are aimed at making Campaign Data more useful to our marketers. We have largely revamped two pieces:

Aggregated Statistics for Periodic Push Campaigns

You can now find the stats for a periodic recurring push campaigns aggregated, on parent campaign. In the example below, Gen Push Periodic is the parent campaign which shows aggregated stats for all the instances run till date.

Note: The images shared are from two different examples and are present just for representational purposes.

One can also find the aggregated stats on Campaign Analytics page of parent campaign along with the break-up of all the instances run.

Marketer can also see the performance trend-line for the recurring campaigns:

Campaign Exports for Push Campaigns

We have also quite revamped the Campaign Exports for push campaigns. Now the exports contain the data for Web Push campaigns, conversions break-up as per various attribution models and a lot more. We have also re-grouped the metrics as per inputs from our marketers so that they can directly be used with minimal row/column operations

You can start using them to know what all has changed to make your experience better than before.

We are committed to improve your experience. Feel free to write us a note of feedback on: product [at] moengage [dot] com.