Smart Send: Send transactional messages most cost-effectively!

  • UPDATED: 30 April 2024
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In today’s in-the-moment era where relevance and immediacy are crucial, customers expect real-time delivery of transactional messages such as order confirmations and payment reminders. To meet these expectations, businesses often send the same message across multiple channels.

For example, when a consumer buys a pair of shoes from an E-commerce brand, they typically get an order confirmation through an SMS, an Email, and maybe over WhatsApp, or a similar channel. Though from the brand’s point of view, this ensures a foolproof delivery of transaction confirmation using multiple channels, it mostly results in a poor customer experience with the same message overwhelmingly sent across multiple channels.

On the other hand, it also spikes the cost for the brand to send the same message on multiple channels. 

How Smart Send Works? 

With Inform’s Smart Send, you have the flexibility to prioritize channels to send transactional messages based on either their cost or their effectiveness on your target audience.

When sending a transactional message, if a customer is not available on the priority channel or if message delivery fails, the fallback channel will ensure that the message still reaches the intended recipient.

For instance, let’s say a bank wants to send an EMI reminder to a customer who has taken a home loan. They can first send the reminder via a Push Notification (which is free), and then choose SMS as the first fallback channel and Email as the second fallback channel. This way, the bank shall optimize the cost of sending a transactional message to every single customer. Now, imagine applying this strategy to hundreds of thousands of customers and millions of messages!

How Smart Send Optimizes Cost

One of the major benefits of Smart Send is its ability to save costs. Just by setting the channel priority in the order of increasing messaging costs, you can greatly reduce expenses.

Let’s take a look at an example of an E-commerce company that saves 85% on costs using Smart Send! The company needs to send ~1Mn order confirmation alerts every month.



Before Smart Send

In the past, their platform used both Email and SMS channels to send order confirmations. For a volume of 1M messages, the brand will typically attempt to send the same 1M messages over Email as well as SMS, thereby spending a hefty cost of approximately $4700 in total

After Using MoEngage Smart Send

Using MoEngage Smart Send, the brand can set channel priority in the following order: Push Notifications as the primary channel, Email as the first fallback channel, and SMS as the second fallback channel. When sending a message, Smart Send will attempt delivery in the above order.

Assuming 50% (500,000) of the messages are successfully delivered through Push Notifications (which is free), they incur zero costs for those messages. For the other 400,000 undelivered messages, which are then sent through Email as a fallback, it would cost them $280. Additionally, the remaining 100,000 undelivered messages are reattempted via SMS, costing them $400*. 

Overall the E-commerce platform spends $680* for delivering ~1 Mn messages with Smart Send, which otherwise would have been $4700*, saving a remarkable 85% on messaging expenses.



Smart Send enables you to reduce costs considerably, brings in real-time visibility on transactional messages, and improves the transactional messaging experience for your customers! All of this with just a single API. Experience Smart Send now!  

** Messaging costs would vary across geos. These approximate costs are calculated as an average across our customer base.