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Send Real-time, Critical Alerts Easily

Discover the ease of creating and managing all your transactional notifications across channels with MoEngage Inform.

Build and Deliver Transactional Alerts at Scale

Manage transactional alerts on one dashboard and add multiple channels, APIs, and vendors seamlessly.

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Improve Effectiveness While Reducing Costs

Simplify the creation and management of transactional alerts by empowering your product and marketing teams and reducing engineering efforts.

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Optimize Consumer Experience with Centralized Reporting

Identify and solve technical difficulties for your customers in real-time with capabilities such as log notifications and failure reports.

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Simplify Transactional Messaging With a Single API

Send real-time alerts to over 30 providers across multiple channels with a single API. SDKs are available in all major languages.

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Enhance Customer Experiences With Personalized, Multichannel Transactional Messaging

Create a seamless customer experience by unifying your transactional and promotional alerts into your multichannel strategy.

Minimize Costs, Maximize Returns With Smart Orchestration

MoEngage Inform's Priority Logic allows you to set rules based on preferences for a greater impact at a lower cost.

Get Autonomy, Faster Delivery, and Better Customer Experience

Send real-time transactional notifications in a few seconds and improve customer experience with built-in templates.

Ensure Your Messaging Hits The Mark Even When Delivery Failures Occur

A built-in fallback mechanism automatically picks other available vendors and channels upon a delivery failure.

Strengthen Customer Relationships Across Multiple Touchpoints

Here are some channels and types of transactional updates you can tap into with MoEngage Inform. These are pivotal in maintaining steady communication with customers and building brand loyalty.

General Transactions

From order, booking, and purchase confirmations to password reset, account alerts, and customer invitations, MoEngage Inform helps you take care of all your messaging needs without the engineering effort.

Financial Transactions

Send critical information like security alerts, debit, and credit information to your customers within seconds with MoEngage Inform’s impeccable notification delivery rate.

Ecommerce and Retail Alerts

Send transactional alerts like order confirmations, OTP information, and delivery notifications on time and through relevant channels to improve customer experience.

Subscription Alerts

Subscribe to a smoother way of communicating with MoEngage Inform, which helps you send crucial alerts like subscription package purchases, upgrade notifications, account renewals, membership updates, and more.

Milestones and Immediate Updates

Cover minute communications like customer milestones, fitness goals, and more without the hassle of engineering effort.

Our Customers’ Stories Speak for Themselves
S’More Observes 65% Uplift in App Engagement Time

Personalization is very important to our community, and unfortunately, most singles apps are cookie-cutter and lack the ability to personalize the experience. MoEngage’s ability to use real-time cohort data to drive specific activity on S’More is unique. Reaching the right customer, with the right content, at the right time is paramount for a robust customer relationship strategy.

Adam Cohen Aslatei
CEO, S’more
OYO Witnesses 8X Increase in Engagement

MoEngage is a highly scalable tool that complements OYO’s growth plans. They have a product team that works with agility to deliver new product feature requests in less than a quarter. We are also thoroughly impressed with the customer success team that gives quick resolutions for all our queries.

Pranav Kumar
Kredivo Observes 40% Boost in Customer Conversions

Constant engagement and personalization are critical for user retention and conversions. MoEngage helps us achieve both in an effective manner. The platform helps us improve user experience significantly resulting in an uplift in our reach and ROI.

Najwa Assilmi
Product Analyst, Kredivo
Alfagift Boosts Monthly Transacting Customer Base to 45%

We were able to observe a healthy 29% improvement in our install to sign-up journey with the usage of MoEngage’s smart-triggered push notifications. We engaged our customers as soon as they onboarded using relevant push notifications and re-engaged in case there was no activity after sign-up.

Linda Valentin
Head of Marketing, Global Loyalty, Alfagift
Future Group Boosts Active Userbase by 20%

We decided to utilize MoEngage Funnel Analytics to understand user behavior trends on the app and the clicks on various discount banners. Using this data, we were able to add custom segments such as category/brand preference and more to run relevant engagement campaigns.

Rohitashwa Bhotica
Business Head, Future Group
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can MoEngage Inform send alerts on multiple channels?

​​MoEngage Inform can be used to send transactional alerts on multiple channels such as Email, SMS, Push Notifications, and more. The plug-and-play nature of the API also allows brands to add new channels seamlessly without much development or Engineering effort.

Can we personalize transactional alerts through MoEngage Inform?

MoEngage Inform allows you to send personalized alerts and create delightful customer experiences. These personalized attributes can be sent as a part of the API, enabling you to personalize transactional notifications for different consumers.

How can you measure the performance of alerts?

MoEngage Inform provides a comprehensive set of analytics at both the API and channel levels. At an API level, you can analyze the count of requests received and requests failed, you can also deep dive into the failure reasons. At a channel level, it helps you understand which channel is yielding the desired results for your brand. You can collect real-time stats, which allows you to debug your customer issues as and when they come.

How do MoEngage Inform templates help us in reducing Engineering overhead?

With MoEngage Inform, seamlessly create, edit or modify any templates on the go. Marketers and Product Owners can leverage the existing templates or create their own templates using our WYSIWYG builders, to build and send transactional alerts across channels. This also helps to ease the burden on your engineering team, reducing lift and enabling a faster GTM.

Can we integrate multiple vendors for a channel with MoEngage Inform?

Using MoEngage Inform, you can connect with any number of vendors at the same time for a given channel. If you are an existing MoEngage customer and also have integrations with vendors for your promotional messaging, you can leverage those existing integrations with vendors to send transactional notifications through MoEngage Inform as well.

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