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Audiomack Sees 18% Increase in Free to Paid Subscribers with MoEngage

Uncover how Audiomack partnered with MoEngage to leverage listeners’ preferences, behavior, and play data to hyper-personalize messaging, leading to an 18% uplift in free to paid subscribers.

About Audiomack

Audiomack is an artist-first music streaming platform that empowers creators to share unlimited music while fans can discover songs, mixtapes, podcasts, and more. With a 116% growth rate in active customers in the last two years, it is one of the most influential platforms for artists and creators today. The company is headquartered in New York City.

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Our collaboration with MoEngage helped us grow our customer base by introducing emerging artists to listeners. MoEngage’s expertise lies in delivering a hyper-personalized listening experience for our creators, labels, and fans; thereby helping us grow our community.

Brendan Varan
VP, Content Strategy, Audiomack
Increase in Retention
Lift in Sessions Per Customer
Business Need

Audiomack wanted to understand their customers’ journey after installing the music app, enable new listeners to stream music from their favorite/upcoming artists, and leverage listener preferences to personalize communication.

MoEngage Solution

Audiomack implemented MoEngage’s Insights-led engagement platform to send personalized communication via Emails, In-app, and Push Notifications based on individual preferences. With one-time Push Notifications, Audiomack sent personalized communication enabling new customers to play music on their app. While MoEngage In-app Messaging and Emails enabled effective customer engagement and retention, individualized recommendations for subscribers helped Audiomack in building brand loyalty.

The Result

Using MoEngage’s best moment, channel, time, and device to send communication, Audiomack optimized customer onboarding and conversion.


  • 8.4% spike in play conversion rate
  • 17.8% lift in sessions per customer 
  • 5.5% increase in retention 
  • 18% rise in trial to premium subscribers


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