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How Cake DeFi Uses Omnichannel Strategies to Retain Over 98% of Customers

Uplift in account verification
uplift for control group user path campaigns
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Cake DeFi is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing digital assets innovators. The Cake DeFi platform provides easy access to decentralized finance (DeFi) services and applications, empowering customers to generate returns on their cryptocurrencies in a secure and transparent way.


MoEngage has been instrumental in helping Cake DeFi acquire valuable customers and, most importantly, retain 98%+ of the customers through its reliable omnichannel marketing automation and personalized messaging capabilities.

Wayne Cheng
Wayne Cheng
CRM Lead, Cake DeFi

Cake DeFi leveraged MoEngage's customer journey orchestration for email, in-app and push notification channels to observe a customer retention rate over 98%

Driving a 200% boost in account verifications

In order to test different lifecycle campaigns that were crucial to drive account verification and boost the lifetime value of their average customer, Cake DeFi reserved 5% of their customers as a control group to validate their strategies and forecast larger campaigns.

This resulted in a 150-250% increase in account verification rates. In order to achieve these results, Cake DeFi also utilized multichannel strategies leveraging the use of email+push notifications under one campaign.

Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
Email Builder
MoEngage Analytics
Omnichannel Flows
Push Notification
The Results

With MoEngage, Cake DeFi adopted an insights-led approach to engagement, leveraging customer journey orchestration and:


  • Saw a 200% uplift in account verifications
  • Observed a 42.9% boost in conversions for control group user paths campaigns
  • Increased the customer retention rate to an all-time high of over 98%