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How Kompas.id Drives 25% Boost in Subscriptions with Onsite Messaging

Find out how Kompas tackled high churn, unpredictable customer behavior, dropping conversion rates and app uninstalls with MoEngage

About Kompas.id

Founded in 1965, Kompas.id (Kompas Gramedia) is one of the oldest and most prominent names in the news and media landscape. However, they understand that the future hinges on not just attracting readers but retaining and converting them into loyal subscribers.

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While we saw CTRs of less than 9% before for our Onsite messaging campaigns, we conducted a few experiments and were able to observe a 300% increase in CTRs using MoEngage’s OSM Pro. This experiment also led to an astounding 25% boost in paid subscribers!

Azhar Luthfi
Growth Marketing, Kompas.id
boost in onsite messaging CTRs
increase in Monthly Active Users (MAUs)
Business Objectives

To drive expiring premium subscribers to resubscribe. And to retain premium subscribers and free news readers by keeping them engaged with relevant news content


Kompas.id leveraged MoEngage for onboarding customers with channels such as Onsite Messaging, Push, Email, and WhatsApp to remind existing customers whose subscriptions were expiring to resubscribe to their platform, resulting in a 25% boost in subscriptions.

The Results

Kompas.id adopted an insights-led approach to engagement, leveraging MoEngage’s capabilities and observed:

  • 26% q-o-q uplift in average in-app CTR
  • 3x increase in email open rates compared to the industry benchmark
  • 13% decrease in app uninstalls
  • 25% boost in subscriptions
  • 39% uplift in daily active users (DAUs)
  • 3% increase in new customers

Want a Detailed View of How MoEngage Helped Kompas.id Grow?

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