Poshmark Increases Conversions by 30% Due to MoEngage

Poshmark Observes a 30% Lift in Conversions Due to Flow Versioning With MoEngage

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Up to 60%
Email Open Rates due to Flow Versioning
1.5 Billion
Emails Sent per Month
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Poshmark is a leading fashion resale marketplace powered by a vibrant, highly engaged community of buyers and sellers and real-time social experiences. Designed to make online selling fun, social, and easier than ever, Poshmark empowers its sellers to turn their closets into thriving businesses, while sharing their unique style with the world. For more information, please visit www.poshmark.com, and for company news, visit newsroom.poshmark.com.all

The Challenge

As Poshmark’s popularity in online resale continued to skyrocket, their desire for an all-inclusive customer engagement platform that could keep up with consumer demands emerged. Poshmark needed a solution that would seamlessly migrate their already mature email marketing campaigns, while also providing them with additional resources to hit their major KPIs such as email engagement, converting “Listers” to “Sellers”, and then further activating those converted sellers.

The Challenge

Here at Poshmark, one of our biggest challenges revolved around our complex relationships with our diverse consumers. We have a complicated business of buyers and sellers, alongside a social component where our Poshers could be creating their small business storefronts for their livelihood, and we needed a platform that would help us speak to each of those users individually. MoEngage helped us personalize these unique messaging needs, while also creating a customer journey for each of our consumers to bring our customer engagement strategies together in one place.

Katie Lay
Katie Lay
Sr. Director of Retention Marketing, Poshmark
MoEngage Solution: Sending Personalized Messages at Scale

Poshmark migrated and activated their mature email program to MoEngage, including their popular "Just Picked For You," "Just In Listings," and various Posh Show journey campaigns. They now send 1.5B emails per month using MoEngage after a successful migration from their internal tool.

MoEngage Solution: Driving Conversions from Listers to Sellers

Poshmark deployed MoEngage’s Smart Recommendations for personalized messaging, influenced by AI and user behavior data. They implemented Flow Versioning to guide "Listers" to become "Sellers," and provided helpful hints and suggestions at relevant points in the customer journey to nudge users towards conversions.

Products Used
AI-based Recommendation Sherpa
Customer Insights & Analytics
Email Builder
MoEngage Analytics
Omnichannel Flows
Smart Recommendations
The Results

Poshmark successfully migrated their email campaigns, delivered personalized messages in real time and improved conversion rates.

Overall, the brand was able to achieve the following:

  • 1.5B emails sent per month
  • Up to 60% email open rates due to flow versioning
  • Over 30% lift in converting listings to sales due to flow versioning