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On Beat with SoundCloud: Migrating 200+ Campaigns to MoEngage for 100M+ Users in 12 Weeks

Week Migration
Migrated Multi-geo Campaigns
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SoundCloud empowers artists and fans to connect and share through music. Founded in 2007, SoundCloud is an artist-first platform empowering artists to build and grow their careers by providing them with the most progressive tools, services, and resources. With over 375 million tracks from 40 million artists, the future of music is SoundCloud.

Business Challenges

After seven years with their previous platform, SoundCloud's Martech stack had become overly complex. They had to create several internal APIs to handle engagement for their 100 million users. These APIs were responsible for managing notifications, user alerts, and transactional messaging. Additionally, they developed a custom solution to aggregate user data because their previous provider had limitations in this area. To address these challenges, SoundCloud sought a collaborative partner to help manage their extensive data needs, seamlessly migrate live campaigns, and simplify their Martech stack.

Business Challenges

Here at SoundCloud, we consider MoEngage as a true partner with over 90+ team members across content, product and marketing using the platform on a daily basis to create, launch and deliver engaging experiences for our fans and artists. Their support teams helped us migrate 200 live campaigns from the previous platform seamlessly in 12 weeks, while also providing custom support to solve our biggest challenges. Our goal is to be the top social and streaming platform globally, and MoEngage plays a crucial role in helping us achieve that.

Hope Barrett
Hope Barrett
Director of Product Management at SoundCloud
MoEngage Solution: Migrating in 12 Weeks

SoundCloud chose MoEngage as a customer engagement platform for its scalability, swift implementation, and ability to use Hightouch on top of BigQuery to eliminate internal systems.

This allowed them to swiftly migrate over 200 live campaigns in 12 weeks, providing new insights from data and enabling more informed decision-making.

MoEngage Solution: Business Events for Personalized Messaging

Using MoEngage Business Events, SoundCloud delivered personalized messages to fans, such as new tracks from their favorite artists.

This strategic shift resulted in a 15% increase in engagement, positioning SoundCloud for future growth and aiding them in their quest to become the leading social and streaming platform.

Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
Email Builder
In-app Messaging
MoEngage Analytics
Push Notification

SoundCloud successfully migrated all their live campaigns to MoEngage and achieved the following results:

  • 12 Week Migration
  • 200+ Migrated Multi-geo Campaigns
  • 15% Increased Engagement in Music Streams