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Spencer’s Uses Insights-led Personalization to Drive 30% Conversion Across Cart Abandonment Campaigns

Conversion rates across cart abandonment campaigns
with personalization using Flows
Uplift in conversion rates
on cross-sell campaigns
About Spencer's Retail case-study-brand-logo

From being established in 1920 as the country’s first grocery chain to starting India’s first hypermarket in 2001, Spencer’s Retail is operational across 35 cities with over 125 stores. Spencer’s offers products and services across food, personal care, fashion, home essentials, electrical, and electronics. The specialty sections include patisserie, wine & liquor, epicuisine, and an in-house fashion brand (2Bme) offering apparel options for men, women, and children.

Business Challenge

Spencer’s is dedicated to delighting shoppers and empowering them to make smart choices. The team at Spencer’s was looking for an intelligent engagement platform capable of resolving their deliverability issues, orchestrating cross-channel communication without heavy reliance on technology teams, a helpful support team, and an easy-to-read (not requiring marketing or operations knowledge) dashboard.

Business Challenge

MoEngage’s excellent segmentation capabilities helped us reach the right customer with the right offers, engaging them meaningfully. Through its insights-led approach, MoEngage helped us increase the conversion rate across registered, installed, and cart-abandoned campaigns, resulting in a 30% conversion rate, a 15% increase in LTV, and a reduction in the first order date from 7 days to 5 days!

Harshavardhan Chauhaan
Harshavardhan Chauhaan
VP, Marketing

Customer engagement is very critical for an omnichannel player like us. To adopt store-goers as potential online customers, we used store-based digital touch points with top-level offers. We chose MoEngage for its cost-effectiveness, seamless implementation, and high-level data transparency, something our previous vendor failed to offer.

Gopal Das
Gopal Das
Manager, Digital Marketing
Getting a 360-degree view of the customer profile

Before implementing MoEngage, Spencer’s was struggling with low levels of data transparency owing to the limited capabilities of the existing martech solution. For a brand with ambitions of providing personalized omnichannel experiences, having an intelligent platform capable of providing a 360-degree view of the customer profile was imperative. Using MoEngage, Spencer's drives personalized, omnichannel experiences for customers by segmenting them based on their attributes and actions taken on the website or the app.

Leveraging Flows to engage with customers throughout their journey
MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform played a crucial role right from installation to order stage in the entire customer journey. Spencer’s Retail also leveraged automatic flow campaigns, creating real-time events across the customer journey.

Utilizing advanced segmentation to improve retention

Spencer’s Retail also utilized advanced segmentation (RFM model) to divide customers into cohorts such as loyal, promising, about to go dormant, and more. This helped the team push relevant communication to each segment, thus reducing the churn rate and improving retention (critical for a retail brand), especially in the current macroeconomic climate. Using the advanced segmentation, Spencer’s observed a significant transition between segments, from hibernating or about-to-go dormant segments to loyal (or potential) segments.

Products Used
Customer Journey Orchestration
In-app Messaging
Omnichannel Flows
Push Notification
Push Templates (Cards)
RFM Segmentation
The Result


Using MoEngage’s Insights-led Engagement platform, Spencer’s Retail observed:

  • 30% conversion rates across cart abandonment campaigns with personalization using Flows
  • 15% increase in LTV
  • 10% uplift in conversion rates on cross-sell campaigns
  • 10% improvement in repeat purchases using WhatsApp as a channel