DearOne Announces Introduction of MoEngage’s Smart Recommendation to the Japanese Consumer Business Ecosystem

DearOne Announces Introduction of MoEngage’s Smart Recommendation to the Japanese Consumer Business Ecosystem

The all new, AI-powered ‘Smart Recommendations’ from MoEngage, will enable brands to send real-time, contextually relevant suggestions to each customer based on attributes or customer action, facilitating product discovery while offering a better purchasing experience.

DearOne Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yasuhisa Kono; hereinafter referred to as DearOne), a new business-type subsidiary of DearOne Inc. (involved in marketing efforts), announced the launch of Smart Recommendation functionality in Japan. The functionality comes from MoEngage, the preferred customer engagement tool in the APAC region.

MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform built for the customer-obsessed marketer. With AI-powered customer journey orchestration, personalization capabilities, and in-built analytics, MoEngage enables hyper-personalization at scale across mobile, email, web, SMS, and messaging channels. MoEngage is trusted by more than 1,200 global consumer brands across E-commerce, Retail, Finance, Media and Entertainment, such as Deutsche Telekom, Samsung, Ally Financial, Vodafone, and McAfee, along with internet-first brands such as Kredivo, Alfamart, BliBli, XL Axiata, Alodokter, TheAsianparent, Mamikos, POPS Worldwide, CIMB Bank, among others.

Smart Recommendation function overview

Powered by MoEngage’s proprietary AI Engine, Sherpa, Smart Recommendations leverages sophisticated ML algorithms to analyze all customer interactions (behavior and preferences) and provides precise, personalized product or service recommendations by anticipating their purchase intent.
For instance, E-commerce brands can leverage Smart Recommendations to suggest apparel suited to customer preferences, send cart abandonment reminders or nudge with specific products during festive periods.

What makes smart recommendations superior?
Powered by MoEngage’s proprietary AI Engine, it can anticipate purchase intent and accordingly provide personalized recommendations.
Real-time recommendations across any channel (including email, push notifications in apps, and pop-ups) without any technical dependency.

Additional functions

Using MoEngage’s Smart Recommendations, consumer brands can orchestrate various communication (at the click of a button) like:

1) Recommendation based on item attributes: Brands can recommend products based on selected attributes like ‘red’ shirts in a certain size range, say ‘L’, or personal computers which are ‘grey’ in color and operate on ‘Windows’ with a memory of ‘8 GB’.

2) Recommendations based on customer actions: Brands can analyze past customer interactions and recommend products accordingly, like products that the consumer has viewed or searched for or added to their cart but hasn’t purchased yet.

3) AI-based recommendations: Brands can also recommend products that customers might be interested in by analyzing their behavior, affinity, and purchase intent, utilizing MoEngage’s proprietary AI engine, Sherpa.

About DearOne Inc.

DearOne, Inc. is a new business-type subsidiary in the marketing field of NTT DOCOMO, Inc. and changed its name from Location Value, Inc. on 1 April 2021. Based on application development know-how accumulated since the dawn of smartphones, the company offers ModuleApps 2.0, which enables the development of official applications by simply incorporating the functions required by companies, financial institutions, public offices, and local authorities from a wide range of application functions, including push distribution and coupon functions.
In addition, the company also provides support for companies’ digital transformation, from scratch development of apps to building DMP/CDPs, analytical work, and promotional support.