MoEngage and Mitto Launch Strategic Customer Communications Partnership

MoEngage and Mitto Launch Strategic Customer Communications Partnership

MoEngage, an industry-leading insights-led customer engagement platform, announced today that it entered a strategic partnership with Mitto, a dominant global omnichannel communications provider, to optimize WhatsApp Business, SMS communication quality, and cost-efficiency while elevating the customer experience.Mitto will now be part of the MoEngage Catalyst partner program that focuses on helping brands scale at speed. 

With MoEngage and Mitto’s partnership, brands can leverage advanced SMS APIs and WhatsApp Business communication solutions to engage and support customers worldwide and enable a two-way, personalised conversation. This strategic partnership allows MoEngage customers to now use Mitto’s proprietary AI-routing platform, which proactively monitors carrier networks, runs simulations and analyses as well as prioritises traffic to mitigate problems, identify the best message path, and provide the fastest delivery speeds at the lowest price points. With marketing budget cuts still being a significant challenge for brands, a cost-effective solution such as this not only helps them get more from their engagement channels. 

With the “always available” support, campaign personalisation capabilities and the ability to run effective loyalty programs this partnership offers, marketing leaders can drive more sales, boost retention and build more meaningful customer relationships.

The MoEngage and Mitto integration will help customers accurately segment customers, monitor key performance indicators that drive overall business growth in real-time, and increase efficiency with event-triggered automation. MoEngage’s insights-led engagement capabilities, added to Mitto’s global network of over 800 direct carrier connections, pave the way for customer-centric brands to reach and engage with their customer base as well as stand firm in a highly competitive atmosphere

We believe that our collaborative efforts with Mitto will help businesses delight customers with unforgettable, hyper-personalised experiences across high-impact channels that make them feel seen, heard, and understood,stated Raviteja Dodda, MoEngage MoEngage® Inc. Founder and CEO.

Our partnership with MoEngage reinforces our commitment to not just empowering brands with innovative communication tools but to reshaping the future of how businesses interact and care for customers,said Andrea Giacomini, Mitto CEO

About MoEngage

MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform trusted by more than 1,200 global consumer brands such as Ally Financial, McAfee, Flipkart, Domino’s, Nestle, Deutsche Telekom, Travelodge, and more. MoEngage empowers marketers and product owners with insights into customer behavior and the ability to act on those insights to engage customers across the web, mobile, email, social, and messaging channels. Consumer brands across 35 countries use MoEngage to craft digital experiences for over 1 billion customers every month. MoEngage is named one of the most preferred vendors for multichannel marketing as rated by customers, with high recognition across G2.

About Mitto

Mitto is a leading provider of omnichannel communication solutions worldwide, supporting business growth with advanced customer engagement technology and messaging enablement. Mitto’s platform offers easy-to-integrate APIs for SMS, voice and chat apps, next-generation enterprise messaging and end-to-end phone number management, ensuring that the world’s largest mobile brands and operators are ready for what’s next.