Coronavirus Business Impact: Data-driven insights for brands during COVID-19

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Insights from 1.50 billion mobile app users from 12 industries in North America, Europe, India, S.E.A, and M.E

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Strategies and lessons for online businesses during COVID-19

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1. What steps marketers must take now to adjust to the ‘new normal’?

2. How is COVID-19 impacting user acquisition for B2C companies?

3. What is the shift in organic versus paid acquisition channels?

4. Has the ideal buyer persona changed due to COVID-19?

5. How has user engagement and content marketing changed?

6. What is the impact on offline marketing due to COVID-19?

7. How has brand messaging changed for B2C mobile apps?

8. How have people, processes, and technology been impacted in the pandemic?

Business impact of COVID-19 on

Industry worldwide takes a hit. Onset of slump in each geographic region varies. While European Union and Southeast Asia show an early downward trend in mid-February, the United States, and India show a late downfall in early to mid March coinciding with travel lockdowns in individual countries.


Worldwide economic impact of COVID-19


Explosion: Online Shopping, Healthcare
Growth: Social, Food Delivery
Slowdown: Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate


Explosion: Media & Entertainment, Healthcare
Growth: Social, Online Shopping
Slowdown: Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate


Explosion: Video Chat apps, Healthcare
Growth: Social, Online Shopping
Slowdown: Mobility, Online Food Delivery


Explosion: Online Shopping, Video Chat apps
Growth: Social, Mobility
Slowdown: Travel & Hospitality, Online Food Delivery


Explosion: Social, Video Chat apps
Growth: Online Shopping, Food Delivery
Slowdown: Mobility, Real Estate
Emergence: Healthcare

COVID-19 Impact Quadrant

The Impact Quadrant divides industry verticals in specific geographies into 4 major categories:

1. Explosion: Industries that have seen huge demand in terms of new user downloads and active users. Examples: Video Chat apps (worldwide), Online Shopping (North America & India)

2. Growth: Industries that have shown rise in active users but not considerable rise in downloads. Examples: Social Media (North America, Europe, India, & Middle-East)

3. Slowdown: Industries that have seen steep decline in both active users and new app downloads. Examples: Travel & Hospitality (worldwide)

4. Emergence: Industries that have shown promise with getting new users downloads but not active users. Example: Healthcare (Southeast Asia)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the data size of this report? How many users have you analyzed?

We’ve analysed over 1.5 billion mobile app users from 12 industries(Media & Entertainment, Mobility, Travel/Hospitality, Social, Video chat apps, Real-Estate, Food delivery, E-commerce, Edtech, BFSI, Healthcare, and Telecom) and 5 regions for this report.

What regions of the world are you including in your report?

This report includes the impact of COVID-19 on North America, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia.

What is the COVID-19 Impact Quadrant?

The COVID-19 Impact Quadrant denotes the business impact of the coronavirus on different industries in different regions. This is a plot of active users and new users, with all the industries categorised into Explosion (increase in both new and active users), Growth (increase in active users but decrease in new users), Slowdown (decrease in both new and active users), and Emergence (decrease in active users but increase in new users).

What is the impact of COVID-19 on online shopping?

Online shopping apps have seen an increase in new and active users in North America and India. On the other hand, though online shopping apps in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are losing new users, they are still retaining most of their active users.

How has COVID-19 impacted the travel & hospitality industry?

The Travel & Hospitality industry is the most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed. Active users and new users have plummeted across all the regions.

What is the business impact of COVID-19 on the real estate market?

Real Estate apps in North America, Europe, India, and Southeast Asia have seen a sharp decrease in new and active users during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Middle East is an exception, however, as real estate apps in this region see a steady increase in both new and active users.

How are Media & Entertainment mobile apps getting affected by COVID-19?

Video streaming apps are seeing an increase in new and active users as more and more users are staying indoors and turning to their smartphones for entertainment.

Which industry is booming the most during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Video chat and online conference apps have seen an exponential growth in both new and active users during the COVID-19 pandemic. As businesses have implemented remote work procedures, all meetings have moved online. All the events and meet-ups that were cancelled have also moved to virtual conferences.

How is the Healthcare industry impacted by COVID-19?

Healthcare apps in different regions are seeing different trends that resonate with the spread of COVID-19. In Southeast Asia, Healthcare apps see an increase in new users, but a decrease in new users. In North America, Europe, and the Middle East, Healthcare apps have seen an increase in both active and new users. However, Healthcare apps in India have seen their new and active users plummet after the COVID-19 pandemic.